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2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates

Quad 2-input Exclusive-OR gate

An Exclusive-OR [XOR] has a single output that goes high [logic 1] only when the inputs are different. When the inputs are the same the output goes low, see the true table below.

14-Pin DIP Quad Dual Input Exclusive OR Gate Symbol
Quad Dual Input Exclusive OR Gate

The graphic above shows the logic symbol and pin out for a 7486 Exclusive-OR gate in a 14 pin package.

Dual Input Exclusive OR Gate Internal Schematic
Exclusive OR Gate Internal Schematic

Note that the internal schematic of a 7486 only applies to the DIP package, as other packages may have a different internal structure [because of assurance levels, not because of the physical package change]. More importantly any of the sub-TTL families will certainly use different resistor values. For example a 74S86 XOR gate may use smaller resistor values than a 74LS86 XOR gate. The smaller resistor values allow the transistors to switch faster but also allow a higher current to flow. So a 74LS86 is slower and consumes less power than a 74S86 IC.

XOR gates in production;
74AC86: Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates
74AC11086: Quadruple 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates
54ACT86: Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates
74ACT86: Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates
54HC86: High Speed CMOS Logic Quad 2-Input XOR Gates
54S86: Quadruple 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates
54LS136: Quad 2-Input XOR Gates With Open-Collector Outputs
74AHC86: Quadruple 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates
74AHCT1G86: Single 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate

Commercial Temperature range; 7486;
Military Temperature range; 5486

Commercial and Industrial temperature ranges [IC Prefixes].


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