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IC Encoder Chips

Excess-3 to Decimal Encoder IC
Encoder Chip

IC Excess-3 Gray code to Decimal Encoder Chip.
4-bit Excess-3 Gray code to 9-bit Decimal encoder IC [schematic].

Encoders by Function:
7443: Excess-3 to Decimal Decoder [Commercial Temp Range]
7444: Excess-3-Gray to Decimal Decoder
5443: Excess-3 to Decimal Decoder [Military Temp Range]
5444: Excess-3-Gray to Decimal Decoder
Commercial temperature range and Industrial temperature ranges by IC Prefixes.

Also refer to the pages covering decoders;
BCD Converter, Decimal to BCD Encoder or Decoder ICs pages.

Military Digital Microcircuit Standards:
MIL-M-38510/10: TTL, Decoders: 5443.
MIL-M-38510/29: Low Power TTL, Decoders: 54L43.

Both military specifications call out a 16 lead dual in-line package or flat package, listed as a reference only and not to be used in new designs.

Editor note; I don't even know that Gray coding is used any longer, but it's listed to document the IC function. The important aspect of the page is the depiction of the logic function at a gate level. Notice that the chip numbers call out the original TTL family, which were out-dated a few decades ago. Even the Low Power family [also referenced] is out dated.

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