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IC Encoder Circuits
Note that Excess 3 code is no longer used.

Gate diagram of an Excess-3 to Decimal Encoder IC
Encoder Chip

IC Excess-3 to Decimal Encoder Chip.
4-bit Excess-3 to 9-bit Decimal encoder IC [functional schematic].

Encoders by Function:
7443: Excess-3 to Decimal Decoder
7444: Excess-3-Gray to Decimal Decoder
5443: Excess-3 to Decimal Decoder
5444: Excess-3-Gray to Decimal Decoder
Commercial temperature ranges are shown as a 7443 and military temperature range is shown by 5443, which is detailed on the IC Prefix page.

Also see the page on BCD Converter, Decimal to BCD Encoder
or Decoder ICs pages.

Note that the function diagram for either the 5443 and 5444 are identical, assuming a 16-pin dual In-line package. The difference resided in the internal connections as shown in the functional schematic and how the inputs are decoded. That is, the pin-out and block diagram is identical, but the internal connections show the difference.

Editor note; It is doubtful that an IC that performs a Excess 3 decode function is still in active production. In addition; the orginal 7400 series of parts is the oldest of the 74xx family.

PC motherboard

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