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IC AND-OR Gate, Quad Dual Input Chips

5454IC, Dual AND-OR Gate Functional Schematic
Quad Dual 2-Input AND-OR Gate Chip

IC Dual AND-OR Gate, Quad Dual Input Chip.

Decoder by Function:
7453; Expandable Dual 4-Wide 2-Input, AND-OR-INVERT Gates;
7454; Dual 4-Wide 2-Input, AND-OR-INVERT Gates;
Also refer to Dual Input AND-OR gate.
Expandable Quad Dual Input AND-OR gate.

74xx represents the commercial temperature range and 54xx represents the industrial temperature range [IC Prefixes].
Note in all cases a 74xx device is the same as a 54xx device, other than the operational temperature range.

Also see the page on Encoder ICs.

Editor note: The same comments apply here as they did for the simple dual two-input AND-OR gate; that is this part could be easily replace by a Programmable Logic Device [PLD]. A PLD could also be used to implement the function and be used for other glue logic function. Implementing a PLD design could save parts by combining many different functions using the same part. That is, less parts might be needed to be held in stock or used on the parts list.

The only real reason to order these parts would be as a direct replacement to a failed part on a existing legacy board. The new logic families may not even carry these parts as functions, and they may only exist in the older glue logic families.

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