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IC AND-OR Gate, Dual Input Chips

Dual AND-OR Gate Functional Schematic
Dual 2-Input AND-OR Gate Chip

IC Dual AND-OR Gate, Dual Input Chip.

Decoder by Function:
7451; Dual 2-Wide 2-Input, 2-Wide 3-Input AND-OR-INVERT Gates;
Note in most cases when a 74xx device is listed, a 54xx device is also available.
Also refer to Quad Dual Input AND-OR gate.
Expandable Quad Dual Input AND-OR gate.

The AND-OR gate functions combines three integrated circuits in one. The inverter function, the AND gate function and the OR gate function are all combined within the IC. Of course the primary function is the combination of an AND gate and OR gate. Prior to the advent or widespread usage of PLDs this would be a great space saver, as in one 14 pin IC instead of two 14 pin ICs. However these days designers might just as well use a PLD to combine many function that were once reserved for these smaller glue logic ICs.

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