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IC AND-NOR Gate, Dual Input Chips

Dual AND-OR Gate Functional Schematic
Dual 2-Input AND-OR Gate Chip

IC Dual AND-OR Gate, Dual Input Chip, Expandable.

Decoder by Function:
7450; Dual 2-Wide 2-Input, AND-OR-INVERT Gates [One Gate Expandable];

Also refer to Quad Dual Input AND-OR gate.
Dual Input AND-OR gate.

Note in most cases when a 74xx device is listed, a 54xx device is also available.
74xx represents the commercial temperature range and 54xx represents the industrial temperature range [IC Temp Prefixes].

Also see the page on Encoder ICs.

I don't think these ICs were ever that common. I've never had the occasion to use an expandable gate, or have I ever seen one used in another design by some one else. Like so many of these small scale integrated circuits, a much more cost effective appoach would be to stock a programmable logic IC to cover any of these small glue logic functions.

2-input AND-NOR Gates
AND-NOR gate pinout
AND-NOR gate 14-pin DIP pin out

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