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TTL IC Octal Latch Chip

IC schematic for an 8-Bit Latch with Read-Back Schematic
8-Bit Latch Chip

IC 8-Bit Latch Chip. The circuit depicts an 8-bit Latch with Read Back function [Octal Latch].

Latch by Function:
74ALS996; 8-bit D-type edge-triggered read back latches

The 74ALS996 part is shown which corresponds to the commercial temperature range, but the 54ALS996 may also be available which would operate up to the military temperature range. Although these parts are always available in the same packages, as the ALS family of parts starts to decline in usage that may no longer be true. So while the 74xxx996 part might be purchased in one or more package styles, the 54xxx996 might only be purchased in a completely different package style.

In other words if you begin a test board with a 74xx part make sure the 54xx part is also still stocked if that is the part that will be used in the final product.

For reference you can check the difference between the Commercial temperature range and Industrial temperature for IC Operating Ranges.

5477 Latch Logic Diagram
7477 Latch [1 Bit]
PC motherboard

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