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IC Shift Register Chips

A shift register works by shifting data to the right with each clock pulse. Regardless of if the data is loaded in all at once via parallel load or one bit at a time via serial input. Each clock pulse shifts data into the first flip flop, the data that was in the 1st flip flop shifts to the 2nd flip flop and so on. In a serial load shift register each flip flop begins with a 0 loaded. A parallel load shift register may contain what ever is loaded into the register when the load pin is activated. Regardless of what is pre-loaded, the data is shifted to the right with each clock pulse.

4-bit Shift Register IC Schematic
Shift Register Chip

IC 4-bit Shift Register Chip. A 4-bit serial in serial out shift register circuit is shown in the graphic above. Note that the shift register my be preloaded [preset] with data [parallel shift register]. However as shown below the 8-bit version is a bit more common.

Shift Register by Function:
54164; 8-Bit Serial-In/Parallel-Out Shift Register [Schematic below]
54165; 8-Bit Parallel-In/Serial-Out Shift Register
54166; 8-Bit Parallel-In/Serial-Out Shift Register
54194; 4-Bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register
54299; 8-Input Universal Shift/Storage Register with Common Parallel I/O Pins and Asynchronous Reset
54595; 8-Bit Shift Register with Output Latches
54597; 8-Bit Shift Register with Input Storage

The 54xx military versions are shown above, but the components are available in the 74xx commercial version. IC Commercial temperature ranges Industrial temperature ranges; by IC Family Prefix.

A 74HC595 shift register is shown to the right, mounted on a printed circuit board. In other words a High Speed CMOS [HC] 595 shift register that operates within the commercial temperature range of 0 to 70 degree centigrade.

8-bit Shift Register Schematic, Serial In, Parallel Out
8-Bit Shift Register IC

The shift register circuit schematic above shows an 8-bit shift register having a serial input and a parallel output [parallel shift register]. The circuit represents a single 74164 Shift Register IC. The device is produced in a standard 14-pin Dual In-Line Package [DIP] or Leadless Chip Carrier [LCCC]. Refer to the IC pin out, lower right.

CMOS Devices; Shift Registers by Function
4006; 18-Stage Static Shift Register
4014; 8-Stage Static Shift Register
4015; Dual 4-Stage Static Shift Register
4019; 4-Bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register
4021; 8-Stage Static Shift Register
4031; 64-Stage Static Shift Register
4034; 8-Stage Static Bidirectional Parallel/Serial Input/Output Bus Register
4035; 4-Stage Parallel In/Parallel Out Shift Register
4094; 8-Stage Shift-and-Store Bus Register

8-bit Shift Register Schematic, Serial In / Parallel In, Parallel Out
8-Bit Shift Register IC

The shift register circuit schematic above shows an 8-bit shift register having either a serial input or parallel input and a parallel output. Similar to a 74165, or 74LS165.

54164 shift register timing sequence diagram
Shift Register Timing Diagram
PC motherboard

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