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IC Encoder Chips
Decimal to BCD Encoder [Binary Coded Decimal]
Read more on the Binary Coded Decimal numbering scheme.

4-bit Encoder IC
Encoder Chip Logic Diagram

IC 4-bit Encoder Chip. 9-bit Decimal to 4-bit BCD encoder IC shown as a functional schematic or logical schematic.

Encoders by Function:
74xx174; 10-to-4 Line Priority Encoder
Note this is a 9-bit Decimal to BCD Encoder, however; it is also 10-line to 4-line priority encoding function by use of the implied decimal zero. The zero is encoded when all nine data inputs are HIGH, forcing all four outputs HIGH.
Commercial temperature range and Industrial temperature ranges by 74 vs 54 IC Prefixes.

74147; Ten line to four line data encoder, without enable.
74148; Eight line to three line data encoder, with enable.

Also see the page on Decoder ICs [Functional Description]

This is not a complex function and could be easily coded into a PLD or FPGA. However implementing this function into a small PLD might just use up most of the chip's I/O pins and defeat the purpose of the PLD. That is; spending more for the PLD, than using most of it up implementing a much cheaper part. However it could be possible to implement this function in a PLD and have space and I/O pins left over to implement additions functions, and using a PLD to replace one than one glue logic IC.

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