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A listing of Personal Computer Hybrid Hard Disk Drive [HHD] manufacturers.
Normal Hard Disk Drives which only have 16MB of cache are listed on the Hard Disk Drive Manufacturers page.
Hybrid Hard Disk Drives will have a large amount of Flash memory which is used as the drives cache.
Normally the HDD will have either 125MB or 256M bytes of Flash memory.
Because of the large cache HHD platters will spin down to save power, while data is retrieved from the cache.
There are also Solid State Drive Manufacturers which are 100% flash memory with no platter at all.

The different types of disk drive bus interface types are listed below.
Internal Interface types; ATA [IDE], Ultra ATA, SATA [Desk-top], SCSI, Ultra SCSI, Serial SCSI [Enterprise]
External Interface types; SATA [Desktop], SCSI, Serial SCSI [SAS] [Enterprise], Fibre Channel [Enterprise], Firewire, or USB

The four common Hard Disk Drive applications are Desk Top Computers, enterprise servers, workstations, and notebook computers.
Laptop Computers are normally the slowest and smallest
Desk Top Computers are middle of the range speed drives
Workstations use high-end disk drives
Enterprise servers use the fastest and most expensive hard drives

The four common physical drive sizes are 0.85 inch, 1.8 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3.5 inch.
0.85 inch drives are 0.13" x 0.94" x 1.26" [example size]
1.8 inch drives are 0.315" x 2.12" x 3.09" [example size]
2.5 inch drives are 0.370" x 2.75" x 3.94" [example size]
3.5 inch drives are 1.000" x 4.00" x 5.74" [example size]

The three common disk rotation speeds are 5400 rpm, 7200 rpm, and 10000 rpms
5400 rpm Hard Disk Drives found in note book computers
7200 rpm Hard Drives found in desk top computers
10000 rpm Drives found in work stations, enterprise systems

Computer Hard Disk Drive Manufactures

This is a listing of normal Hard drive manufacturers,
Hybrid Hard Disk Drives have not hit the market yet.

Adtron Corporation {SATA 2.5", SCSI 2.5"/3.5", Solid State IDE 2.5" UDMA-100, IDE 3.5" UDMA-66, RAID}

Fujitsu {Mobile IDE, SATA - Enterprise SAS}

Hitachi {Server Drives ~ Ultra320 SCSI, SATA II, ATA-5, 3.5", 2.5", 1.8 inch hard disk drive}


Maxtor has been acquired by Seagate

Quantum {Disk-based backup systems-Networks}

Samsung {Hybrid HDD: Capacity; 160GB, Interface; SATA 1.5Gbps, Buffer DRAM Size; 8 MB, One Nand Flash; 256MB, Rotational Speed; 5,400 RPM}

Seagate Disc Storage {Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), Ultra320 SCSI and 2 Gbits/sec Fibre Channel interfaces, SATA, Ultra ATA/100}

Toshiba Hard Drives {0.85", 1.8" 100MBps Ultra DMA, 2.5 inch ATA-2/3/4/5/6 interface}

Western Digital Corp. {SATA 150MBps, SATA 300MBps, EIDE Drive, Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile, External Hard Disk Drives}

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