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A Panel-Mount LED is an LED that attaches to a front panel; however, some may regard an LED that simply goes through a panel as a panel mount device.

Light-Emitting Diode. [LED] A PN-junction diode that emits visible light when it is forward biased. LEDs are solid-state semiconductor light sources, LED Manufacturers.

Panel Mount Light Emitting Diodes
Panel Mount Light Emitting Diodes

Note the graphic shows a number of different versions of panel-mount LEDs. Each has a different Lens, Faceplate, Body length, or terminal leads. Of course the LED color is selectable regardless of the LED style.

Depending on the material used to make the diode, the light may be red, green, or amber, [LED Semiconductor Material vs. LED Color].
LEDs may be uni-color, bi-color, or tri-color.

Manufacturers of Multi-Colored LEDs, Visible Spectrum Graph

Note that the leads in the graphic above are identified by a red band on the Positive terminal [Anode], while with a leaded LED the Anode is the long lead [positive part of circuit] for thru-hole devices.

Panel-mount LEDs are used to attach the LED body to the bulk-head or chassis panel so other components like a grommet are not required. The point of this page is to show a few different styles of Bulk-head mounting LEDs.

Of course the cheap way to mount an LED to a front panel is to not mount the LED at all and just place a normal board mount LED up to a cut-out in the panel. Nobody would sell a product like the example shown below but it works well for a hobby project or maybe an in-house test box. Now some products might take a through-hole LED and just bend the leads, but they would make the cut-out smaller and leave the LED behind the panel, with out bringing it past the front of the chassis. If the LED is left resting behind the panel than the user can't push the LED back.

Unsupported Panel Mount Light Emitting Diodes
Panel Mount LEDs

PC motherboard

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