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ESD Definitions
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ESD Handling. The rules that govern how to handle and protect ESD sensitive devices.

MOS devices must be handled with certain precautions to avoid damage due to the accumulation of electrostatic charge. The following handling practices shall be followed:
Static-Warning Labels.

EIA471 ESD Caution Symbol
EIA Std. 471 Symbol

a. Devices shall be handled on benches with conductive handling devices.
b. Ground test equipment, tools, and personnel handling devices.
c. Do not handle devices by the leads.
d. Store devices in conductive foam or carriers.
e. Avoid use of plastic, rubber, or silk in MOS areas.
f. Maintain relative humidity above 50 percent if practical.
g. Care shall be exercised, during test and troubleshooting, to apply not more than maximum rated voltage to any lead.
h. The Gate of a FET must be terminated to source, 100 k, whenever bias voltage is to be applied drain to source.

ESD Protective Material. Material with one or more of the following properties: limits the generation of electrostatic charge; dissipates electrostatic charge; or provides shielding from electric fields. For the purpose of this handbook, ESD protective materials are classified as conductive or dissipative.

ESD Work Station. A work bench that conforms to ESD protection requirements. The bench is grounded, contains an ESD protected table top and is equipped with an ESD wrist strap.

ESD Bench and Work Station
ESD Protected Workstation

ESD Foam. Conductive Polyurethane Foam is used to hold and ship ESD sensitive components. The high density form provides a holder for ICs as the leads stay in the foam once forced. Black foam is conductive, Pink foam is anti-static.

ESD Conductive Foam
ESD Conductive Foam
PC motherboard

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