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ESD Definitions
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Human Body Model. [HBM]. A standardized test model, characterized by the use of a 1,500 ohm resistor and a 100 picofarad capacitor.

Human Body Model Test Circuit
Human Body Model Test Circuit

InPut Protection. A protective network at the input pins of an item to prevent electrical damage. Two examples of IC Gate protection

Insulative Material. Materials not defined as conductive or dissipative are considered to be insulative. When any object is said to be insulated, it is understood to be insulated for the conditions to which it is normally subjected. Otherwise, it is, uninsulated.

Ionizer. An air-blower that generates low velocity ionized air to neutralize static charges.

Protective Handling. The special handling that is given to ESDS items in order to prevent ESD damage. Refer to ESD Handling Rules.

Protective Packaging. Packaging with ESD protective materials to prevent electrostatic damage to ESDS items.

Protective Storage. Storage of ESDS items while enclosed in ESD protective covering or packaging.

Static Dissipative Material. A material having a surface resisitivity between 105 and 109 ohms per square.

Static Shielding Materials. Material that attenuates an ESD.

Surface Resistivity. An inverse measure of the conductivity of a material and is the resistance of unit length and unit width of a surface.

Triboelectric effect. The generation of electrostatic charge on an object by rubbing or other type of contact.

Volume Resistivity. The Surface Resistivity multiplied by the thickness of the material.

Wrist Strap Cord. The coiled insulated wire used to attach the wrist strap worn by a person to the work station. The wrist strap side is normally a snap, and the work station side is normally a banana plug and or an alligator-clip.
More information and Wrist Strap Cord Diagram

The top alphabetic index provides terminology and definitions used by electrical engineers, or in the engineering field. While the smaller alphabetic index just below that provides terms and definitions used in the field of ESD.

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