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ESD Definitions
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ESD. Electrostatic Discharge.

ESD Cation Symbol.
Refer to JEDEC/EIA-470, EIA RS-471, MIL-STD-129
Refer to the Static Awareness Labels page for a list of manufacturers.
One style of ESD symbol is shown to the right, as ESD Cation Label EIA-STD-471 Symbol, Black on Yellow.

EIA471 ESD Symbol
EIA Std. 471 Symbol

ESD Handling. The rules that govern how to handle and protect ESD sensitive devices. Refer to ESD Handling Rules.

ESD Protective Material. Material with one or more of the following properties: limits the generation of electrostatic charge; dissipates electrostatic charge; or provides shielding from electric fields. For the purpose of this handbook, ESD protective materials are classified as conductive or dissipative.

ESD Protective Area. EPA.

ESD Protective Packaging. Packaging with ESD protective materials to prevent ESD damage to ESDS items.

ESDS. Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive. ESD Sensitive. The relative tendency of a devices performance to be affected or damaged by an ESD event.

ESD Strap. A device to ground and discharge static electricity from a person. Also called a Ground Strap.

Personal ESD Wrist Strap
Wrist Strap

ESD Symbol. Refer to ESD Cation symbol above or to the right.

ESD Work Station. A work bench that conforms to ESD protection requirements. The bench is grounded, contains an ESD protected table top and is equipped with an ESD wrist strap.

ESD Work Station and Bench
ESD Protected Workstation

Foam, ESD. Conductive Polyurethane Foam hold and ship ESD sensitive components. The high density form provides a holder for ICs as the leads stay in the foam once forced. Black foam is conductive, Pink foam is antistatic.

ESD Conductive Foam
ESD Conductive Foam

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