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ESD Definitions
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Electrostatic Discharge. ESD

Electric Field. The region surrounding an electrically charged object in which another electrical charge will experience force. Commonly referred to as an electrostatic field.

Electrostatic Charge. Electrical charge at rest. The negative or positive charge present on the material or item surface.

Electrostatic Discharge. [ESD] A transfer of electrostatic charge between objects at different potentials caused by direct contact or induced by an electrostatic field.

Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive. [ESDS] ESD Sensitive. The relative tendency of a device's performance to be affected or damaged by an ESD event.

Electrostatic Field. A voltage gradient between electrostatically charged surfaces.

Electrostatic Shield. A barrier or enclosure that prevents or attenuates the penetration of an electric field.

Electrostatic Voltage. Voltage generated by static discharge.

electrostatic voltage generation

The table provides the Electrostatic Voltage [Means of Static Generation] for a number of common items or common activities in either high humidity [65 to 95 percent humidity] or low humidity [10 to 20 percent humidity].
The highest ESD voltage being generated by walking across a carpet. So common sense would say do not install a carpet in a lab. The other materials and their maximum voltages that can be generated speak for themselves. Of course the chart also indicates not to provide a dry working environment, keeping the relative humidity above 65 percent when possible to lower the maximum electrostatic voltages.

Electrostatics That class of phenomena which is recognized by the presence of electrical charges, either stationary or moving, and the interactions of these charges, this interaction being solely by reason of the charges themselves and their position and not by reason of their motion.

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