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Dictionary of ESD Terms
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ESD Strap

ESD Wrist Strap Cord. The coiled insulated wire used to attach the wrist strap worn by a person to the work station. The wrist strap side is normally a snap, and the work station side is normally a banana plug and or an alligator-clip, both of which are shown in the graphic. Note that the diagram indicates that the alligator-clip is detachable, leaving a banana plug.

ESD Wrist Strap Cord Diagram
ESD Wrist Strap Diagram

The cord used is a flexible coiled insulated wire [normally black in color]. However what is not shown in the graphic is the wrist strap which would attach to the female snap fastener at one end of the cord,and is red in many cases.

Also note that the maximum length of the ESD cord is 8 inches, with 9 to 16 coils per inch.

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