Gigabit Video InterFace [GVIF]

"GVIF is a high speed serial video delivery interface developed by Sony.
It allows high quality digital transmission of up to 1.2Gbps over a single shielded pair at distances up to 20 meters." .. Sony

The Gigabit Video InterFace is used in automotive applications, but was also used in the DISM standard when released in 1999.
Looks like the GVIF standard was first proposed in 1996 as a serial interface.
However from the short history Sony provides it's hard to tell what develops with each milestone.
Over the years it appears as though a chip-set has been developed, which is assumed uses GVIF as the interface.
The actual GVIF interface is never referenced, except as a cable inter-connect between a receiver and transmitter chip-set.
The cable is a 100 ohm Shielded Twisted Pair [STP] or Twin Axial Cable between the two ICs of the chip-set.

The GVIF appears to be a proprietary Sony interface.
Although ICs that operate as GVIF receivers and transmitters are available for purchase.

DISM [Digital Interface Standards for Monitors] released as JEIDA-59-1999.
DISM accepts all three competing technologies, TMDS, LVDS and GVIF, as its standard data-transfer formats.
The group of proposed standards includes 6 different digital interfaces with 14, 20, 26 and 36-pin [MDR] connectors.

Additional signals on the DISM interface:
GVIF: Gigabit Video InterFace
GVIF-HDCP: GVIF-High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection [HDCP-GVIF]
LVDS: Low Voltage Differential Signaling [LVDS Description]
TDMS: Transition Minimized Differential Signaling [TDMS Bus]

Note that the multi-line DISM uses the MDR style connector, however the dual-line GVIF would not.
There is no 3 terminal MDR connector, but the connector does not seem to be specified in GVIF.

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