Conduit, Flexible Weatherproof

MIL-PRF-24758 [which superseded MIL-C-24758] provides the general requirements for Flexible Weatherproof Conduit
.... Slash numbers:
M24758/1 EMI/EMP Shielding Conduit
M24758/2 Straight Conduit Fitting
M24758/3 45 degree Conduit Fitting
M24758/4 90 degree Conduit Fitting
M24758/5 Conduit-to-Panel Fitting
M24758/6 Conduit-to-Threaded Pipe Fittings
M24758/7 Conduit-to-Stuffing Tube Fitting
M24758/8 Conduit-to-Conduit Fitting
M24758/9 Adapter for MIL-C-5015 Series 3100 Connectors
M24758/10 Adapter for Triaxial Connectors
M24758/11 Adapter for Coaxial Connectors
M24758/12 Adapter for MIL-C-26482 Series I Connectors
M24758/13 Adapter for Connectors w MS3155 Accessory Interface
M24758/14 Adapter for MIL-C-28840 (EC) Backshells
M24758/15 Adapter for MIL-C-24235 Stuffing Tubes
M24758/16 Adapter for Miscellaneous Fittings
M24758/17 Adapter for Tapered Pipe Thread
M24758/18 Adapter for Straight Pipe Thread
M24758/19 Adapter for Panel Termination

MIL-24758 is a Navy specification, Military Standard, MIL Spec.

Manufacturers compiling to MIL-PRF-24758

Foranne Manufacturing Inc.{Solid Core Flexible Conduit System}

Glenair {MIL-PRF-24758A (SH) Top-side Conduit, Fittings and Adapters}

Related Military Specification Sheet;
MIL-DTL-28840/30C: Connectors, Electrical, Circular, Threaded, High Density, High Shock, Shipboard, metal Conduit Coupling

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Conduit Definitions;
Conduit Outlet: A part designed to be used in a conduit system for the purpose of providing outlets or attachments for electrical wiring devices and/or designed to provide access and facilitate installment of wires.

Conduit Outlet Cover: A part of any material, with or without threads, designed to mate with a conduit.

Rigid metal Conduit: A conduit of one-piece tubular metal construction, designed as thin wall type and thick wall type. The conduit may be threaded.

Flexible metal Conduit: A conduit constructed of circular flexible metal tubing. It may be shielded with a woven metal wire braid covering, with a packing between the joints, and it may have a rubber and/or synthetic rubber or plastic outer protective covering.

Rigid Non-metallic Conduit: A conduit of one piece construction of asbestos and cement, bituminized fibre, or rigid plastics material. The condiut may have both ends processed for connection by means of a coupling. One coupling may be furnished for each length of conduit. The conduit may or may not be impregnated with coal tar pitch.

Flexible Non-metallic Conduit: A conduit of one piece flexible, non-metallic, tubular construction. The conduit may have an outer covering for additional mechanical protection, a woven wire braid for interference suppression, and/or wire reinforcement.

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