General Electrical Engineering Acronyms
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Protocol Acronyms

'A' to 'H', 'I' to 'N', 'P' to 'Z'

ICMP: Internet Control Message Protocol
ICP: Internet Control Protocol [Banyan]
IFMP: Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol
IGMP: Internet Group Management Protocol
IGP: Interior Gateway Protocol
IISP: Interim Interswitch Signalling Protocol [ATM]
IP: Internet Protocol
IP: Internetworking Protocol [ISO]
IPC: InterProcess Communications Protocol [Banyan]
IPS: Internet Protocol Suite
IPX: Internetwork Packet Exchange [Novell]
iSCSI: Internet SCSI [iSCSI Description]
ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network [ISDN]
LAP-B: Data Link Layer protocol [CCITT Recommendation X.25]
LAPD: Link Access Protocol [ISDN]
LAT: Local Area Transport [DECnet]
MDLP: Mobile Data Link Protocol
MHS: Message Handling System [OSI]
MLP: MultiLink PPP [PPP]
MOP: Maintenance Operation Protocol [DECnet]
MPEG: Moving Picture Experts Group
MPOA: Multi Protocol Over ATM [ATM]
NBP: Name-Binding Protocol [AppleTalk]
NCP: Netware Core Protocol [Novell NetWare]
NCP: Network Control Program [IBM]
NetBIOS: Network Basic I/O System [IBM]
NetRPC: NetRemote Procedure Call [Banyan]
NHDR: Network Layer Header [IBM]
NS: Network Service [GPRS]
NSP: Network Service Protocol [DECnet]
NTP: Network Time Protocol [Internet]

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