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A listing of EMI component Manufacturers and Related sites.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

MIL Connector manufacturers, An indexed list of Military/Rugged connector vendors.
RFI Chassis Shielding methods

Abracon Corp {Ferrite Beads - Filters}

Alpha Wire Company {metal tape and Shielding Braid Manufacturer}

AVX Corp. {Feed-Thru EMI Filters-Ceramic/Saw/Dielectric Filters-EMI Noise Filters}

Chomerics {Conductive Elastomer Plastic Gasket-EMI Gasket Manufacturer}

Coilcraft {Inductors - EMI Filters - RFI Filters}

Cooper Electronic Technologies {Over Voltage/Over Current protection}

Corcom; refer to the listing for Tyco.

Daburn {Shielded Braid Manufacturer}

Delta Electronics Inc {IEC Inlet Filters/Connectors}

EPCOS; refer to the listing for TDK.

Fair-Rite Products Corp. {Beads-Cores}

Fujipoly {Elastomeric Connector-Gaskets-Enclosures-Conductive Sheets-Conductive RFI Rubber Tape}

INSTEC Filters {feed-through filters}

INTERMARK (U.S.A.), INC. {A wide range of EMI/RFI components. Ferrite, EMI absorbers, EMI Gasket.}

Ja-Bar Silicone Corp. {Mesh - Elastomer Seals}

Kemtron Ltd. {Gasket Manufacturer}

Laird Technologies {Elastomeric EMI Shielding, Finger-stock, Gaskets & metal Grounding Products, Knitted Conductive Gaskets, metallized Conductive Products, Microwave Absorbing Products}

Leader Tech

Murata Electronics {EMI Filter Manufacturer}

Northern Technologies Corp. 'NTC'

Okaya Electronic America {Power Line Filters}

Omega Shielding Products Inc. {Shielding Beryllium Copper BeCu metal Gaskets}

ON Semiconductor {Audio, Data Line, USB Filters, Telcom, Thyristor Surge Protectors [TSPD]}

Oxley {Chassis Mounting Filters, PCB Mounting Filters, Filtered Connectors, Ceramic Planar Capacitor Arrays}

Qualtek Electronics Corp. {AC Power EMI Filters-Chassis Mount/IEC Connector/Mutli Function Module Filters}

SAE Power Inc. {EMI/RFI Power Line Filter Manufacturer}

Schaffner {EMI/RFI Power Line Filters-Single/Three Phase Filters-RFI Suppression Chokes}

Souriau {D subminiature Filter Connectors; MIL-C-24308, NFC 93425, BS 9523}

Spectrum Control Inc. {EMI/RFI Component Manufacturer}

Spira Manufacturing Corp. {EMI Gaskets / Shielding}

Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. {Silicone Gaskets, Silicone Pads, EMI Gaskets, EMI Shielding Gaskets}

TDK {EMI Filter Manufacturer}

Tech-Etch {Gaskets/BeCu Shielding-Photo etching-Flex Circuits}

Tusonix Inc. {EMI/RFI Filters and Capacitors}

Tyco {EMI Gasket Manufacturer}

Vanguard {Dual Elastomer Shielding Gasket Manufacturer}

Zippertubing {Shielding}

Snap-On Cable Ferrite Manufacturers {Manufacturers}
Adhesive Compound Manufacturers {Elastomer Adhesive, Electrically Conductive Adhesive Manufacturers}
EMI Connector Cap Manufacturers, metal RFI Caps, Plastic Dust Caps
Chokes {Manufacturers}
Custom EMI Solutions are also listed on this page. {Vendor listing}

Basic Concepts of EMI {Chomerics}

A listing of EMI, RFI component manufacturers and vendors. The types of products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

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