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This is a listing of LAN/WAN IC manufacturers and Vendors. The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Many of the LAN/WAN links above point to other pages. The listing on this page does not yet have a good fit on it's own page(s).

Interface Driver/Receiver

For additional IC manufacturers see; EIA232 .. EIA422 .. EIA485 .. EIA644 ...
Or any other Bus Type

Fairchild Semiconductor, Corp. {GTLP-DIMM-Switches}

HMS Networks AB {Single-chip controller IC for industrial networks, 24 volt line drivers, Anybus IC}

iC-Haus {24V Line Drivers/Interfaces}

Intersil {Twisted Line Driver ICs}

Linear Technology {local Talk-RS449-RS530-RS562-TIA562 IC Manufacturer}

Maxim Integrated Products {AppleTalk ICs}

ON Semiconductor {Transceiver-EIA562 IC Manufacturer}

Texas Instruments 'TI' {AppleTalk Diff Driver/Receiver-all IC types}

For any other bus use the icon at the bottom of the page; Chart of Interface Standards

Note that some companies do produce so called multi-protocol ICs that function on more than one interface.
In some cases a multi-protocol IC may just provide a selectable termination resistor.
In other cases the trip point might be changed.

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Avionics Bus IC's

Most avionics buses are serial in nature, and provide Deterministic behavior, Fault tolerance, and Redundancy.
For additional Avionics IC manufacturers and descriptions see;
Avionics Data Buses

Aeroflex {ARINC 429/629 Mil-1397 IC Manufacturer}

Data Device Corp. {ARINC 429/629}

Standard Microsystems Corp. 'SMSC' {ARCNET IC Manufacturer}

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Power-Line Communications IC's

Adaptive Networks Inc. {Power-line Communications Products}

Intellon Corp. {Communications over Power line/RF Media IC Manufacturer}

Power-Line communication transmit data over the internal AC power lines using modulation. The modulation could be FM, AM, BPSK ...

PON Product Manufacturers

Broadlight {BPON SoCs for ONT, GPON SoCs for ONT, GPON OLT MAC and Controllers}

Cortina Systems {PON/EPON 4 x GMII/TBI/SerDes, 724 BGA}

PMC-Sierra, Inc {EPON, GPON Chipsets}

'OCP' Optical Communication Products Inc. {Optical transceiver modules} - OUT OF BUSINESS. Check 'Finisar as a substitute

Echelon Corp. {LonWorks / SMX Transceivers}

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This is a general listing of Digital LAN/WAN Integrated Circuit manufactures.
The products they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. For other IC types see the Components Icon below.
In addition many vendors and manufacturers may be listed on one of the Electronic Interface Bus pages.
For manufacturers which produce LAN/WAN IC's for a certain bus see the top level Interface Bus Types page.

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