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VME Single Board Computer Manufacturers

This is a listing of Single Board Computers in a classic VME format.
All other VME cards are listed under the VME Boards link above,
A link to VPX is also at the top of the page.

Aitech Defense Systems, Inc. {MIL-SPEC VME computers based on Motorola's microprocessor families}

Alacron Technology {SHARC Processor Boards}

CM Computer {VME CPU Modules. 3U / 6U format.
General purpose 40/66 MHz, MC68040/60 Computer with Ethernet & SCSI, 32 bit CPU Modules}

Concurrent Technologies Inc. {VME SBC; Pentium}

Creative Electronic Systems 'CES' {Reconfigurable PowerPC-Based 6U VME 2eSST Computer}

ELTEC {Power PC [SBC]}

GE Fanuc {Rugged VME COTs - PowerPC - 68K Processors}

Kontron {High-performance SBCs and CPUs COTS embedded VME computer Products}

RadiSys {VMEbus Embedded Computer Boards [SBC]}

Sky Computers {6U VME uP cards, Sky Channel}

Alway indicate the version of the VME standard that is required.

Three card heights are allowed with VME; 3U, 6U, or 9U; a single slot card is 6T wide. Length is either 160mm or 340mm (Norm).
The other possible lengths are: 100/160/220/280/340/400mm
Height is given in 'U', Length is given in 'mm', Width is given in 'T'; Most card sizes listed are one slot or 6T wide.

A size PWB = 3U x 160mm,
B size PWB = 6U x 160mm,
C size PWB = 6U x 340mm,
D size PWB = 9U x 340mm ... H x L x W {@ width=6T}

VME normally only references 3U or 6U by a length.
VME SBC's are normally found in the 6U form factor

A listing of COTS VME SBC card Manufacturers [Single Board Computers].
The board products the companies produce or manufacturer are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Other Commercial board manufacturers [in other formats] are listed on the COTS Board Manufacturers page.
Manufacturers of Mezzanine [Daughter] boards are listed on COTS Mezzanine Cards page.
Additional Electronic Equipment may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment Icon below.
Descriptions of the different Mezzanine interface buses are listed on the Mezzanine Buses page.
A Description of the VMEbus interface standard is listed on the VME Bus page.
Manufacturers of VME bus chassis are located on the Chassis and Cases page.
Companies that manufacturer VME Backplanes are located on the Backplane page.

Some companies do use terms like First Generation, and Second Generation VMEbus.

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