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A General listing of Military Connector Manufacturers which produce connectors based on Military specifications.
The products [listed as Military specification document numbers] the companies produce are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

Military Connector topics and manufacturers

Military Connector Specifications [ordered list of relevant DOD specifications]

Military 5015 Connector Manufacturers [Threaded Circular]
Military 24308 Connector Manufacturers [Standard D type]
Military 32139 Connector Manufacturers [nano-D type]
Military 83513 Connector Manufacturers [Miniaturized Rectangular]

Adam Technologies Inc. {Military RF Connectors}

Amphenol Corp. {MIL-C-83513/MIL-C-24308/MIL-C-5015/MIL-C-38999/MIL-C-26500/MIC-C-63729/MIL-C-28840/26482/27599/83723/24308}

CINCH Connector {MIL-C-26500 Cylindrical/MIL-DTL-24308 D Type}

Conxall Corp. {Contact threaded MIL-C-5015 type plastic Power connectors}

Cristek Interconnects, Inc. {MIL M83513/M24308/M55302/M81714/Hermetic}

Delphi {M28804-M28840 connectors}

Emerson Network Power {Microwave Coaxial SMA Connectors MIL-C-39012}

Framatome Connectors International 'FCI' {Military Connectors}

Glenair Inc. {MIL 38999, MIL-28840, MIL-5051}

Hirose Electronic {Military Connectors}

ITT Cannon {Combo D with coax and power, High Reliability D (Military and Space), Micro D, Press fit D, Filter D}

Lapp Limited {Cylindrical Circular Connector}

Lemo USA {Rugged-Military}



ODU-USA Inc. {Military Cylindrical connectors}

Panasonic Electric Works {Military Flat cable connectors}

Positronic Industries {Space/MIL-PRF-24308-D Sub-D Combo}

Radiall S. A. {Rectangular/Pin Filtered Connector-MIL-C-28748/5/6/7}

Sabritec Inc. {Military Avionics coax/triax/filtered}

Souriau {Military Avionics MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-C-26482 Series I/II, MIL-C-26482.}

MIL-DTL-38999: Miniature Circular Electrical Connectors, High Density, Quick Disconnect (Bayonet, Threaded, and Breech Coupling),
Environment Resistant, Removable Crimp and Hermetic Solder Contacts
MIL-DTL-5015: Threaded Circular Electrical Connectors, AN Type
MIL-DTL-26500: Connectors, General Purpose, Electrical, Miniature, Circular, Environment Resisting
MIL-DTL-28840: High Density, Threaded, Circular Electrical Connectors, High Shock, Shipboard,
MIL-DTL-83723: Connectors, Electrical, (Circular, Environment Resisting), Receptacles and Plugs
MIL-DTL-83517: Connector, Coaxial, Radio Frequency for Coaxial, Strip or Microstrip Transmission Line

MIL-DTL-38999 Connector Shell
MIL-DTL-38999 Cylindrical Connector

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The military documents listed have been around for decades, so there is little chance of them going away.
However subordinate slash sheets are always being cancelled without replacement, but normally the top level document stays.
In some cases the entire document number changes, for example; MIL-C-24308 was changed to MIL-DTL-24308 and in some cases MIL-PRF-24308.
In other cases MIL-C-5015 was switched to MIL-DTL-5015 then cancelled and adopted by the SAE organization.
In other words only the government controls these documents and they may be cancelled without replacement at any time.
They may also be revised at any time, which is why no revision leter is listed after the document number [which is common].

This is the Military Connector Manufacturers list page.
This page list connectors which adhere to Military specifications, Military Standards, and Manufacturers which produce the connectors.

The main connector page [link at top of page] is sub-divided into different categories;
Audio Connector manufacturers, Card Edge, Coax/Twinax Connectors, Cylindrical Connectors, D sub Connectors and so on.
However not all the products listed on the individual pages may be military related.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

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