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Coax Connector Manufacturers

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Coax Connector Manufacturers

Refer here for a comparison of operating frequency ranges; RF connectors operational range.

Adam Technologies Inc. {BNC, Twinax, SMA, Mini-UHF Connector Manufacturer}

Amphenol {Coax, Fiber Coax, Power Connector Manufacturer}

Applied Engineering Products {SMA, SMB, SMC, SSMB, SSMC Connectors}

Aromat "Panasonic Electric Works" {Coax Cellular Phone connectors}

Astrolab, Inc. {Coax Connector Manufacturer}

Bulgin {IP68 rated environmentally sealed circular connectors}

Canare {75 ohm BNC Connector Manufacturer}

CINCH Connector Div. {BNC-F Coax Connector Manufacturer}

Connex {Coax-BNC-TNC-N-UHF-SMA-SMC-SMB-MMCX-MCX-TWIN-F-7/16 Connectors}

Delta Electronics MFG Corp. {RF Coax Connector Manufacturer}

Dynawave {SMA-SSMA-SMP Connector Manufacturer}

Emerson Network Power {BNC-TNC Twinax Connector Manufacturer}

Fischer Connectors {metal/Plastic Shells-Coax-NIM-CAMAC Connectors}

Framatome Connectors International 'FCI' {50/75 ohm BNC/N/SMB-SMA-TNC-Triax-MCX-MMCX Connectors}

Hirose Electronic {BNC-N-M-MRF-TNC-HRM-HRMM-UM-Coax Connector Manufacturer}

ITT Canon {RF-BNC-Adapters-Terminators-Microminature-MPC-SMA-Snap On/Screw On-SSMC-SMZ Connectors}

JAE Electronics Inc. {Coax Connector Manufacturer}

Kycon {Coax Connector Manufacturer}



Lemo {Coax-50/75 Ohm-Triaxial Connector Manufacturer}

MilesTek Inc. {Coax- Twinax-Barrel Adapter-Bulkhead Jack}

Molex Inc. {Coax RF Connector Manufacturer}

Pasternack Enterprises, LLC {SMA, SSMB Plug, UHF Plug, 50 OHM BNC, BNC Attenuator, 50 OHM N Type}

Pomona Electronics {Coax}

Radiall S. A. {Coax RF Connector Manufacturer}

Sabritec {Coax RF-Triax-Twinax Connector Manufacturer}

SV Microwave {RF SMA Connector Manufacturer}

Trompeter Electronics {Coax type BNC/TNC/N Connector Manufacturer}

Tyco Electronics {Coax, BNC, TNC, Twinax, N, UHF,SHV,SMA, SMC, SMB Connector Manufacturer}

Winchester Electronics {BMA, MCX, MMCX, C-Series, SMA, SMB, Coax-75 Ohm BNC/TNC/Type N Connector}

There are many different styles of coaxial connectors, with many shown next to the vendors name.
A few types of coaxial connectors are defined below.
Some connectors use the word Type, as in N-Type, but that is omitted from the listing above.

Related definitions: [Coax Connector Types] SMA Definition, or BNC Definition, or Coaxial Cable Definition, or Bayonet Definition, Tee Connector Definition
Related Vendors; Cylindrical Connector Manufacturers, or Coaxial Cable Manufacturers
Equipment Chassis Design; Chassis Connector Selection, Connector Dust-Cap Selection

Relevant military specifications;
MIL-PRF-39012: Radio Frequency Coaxial Connector specification.
MIL-PRF-55339: Radio Frequency Coaxial Connector Adapter specification.

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This is the Coax Connector Manufacturers list. The main connector page [link at top of page] lists all other types of connectors.
Listed here; Coax/Twinax Connector manufacturers, Cylindrical Connector manufacturers, and Military Connector manufacturers.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

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