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A listing of Connector Manufacturers and Related sites.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

Audio Connector Manufacturers

Common audio connector types: RCA, Phono {Jack and Plug}, and Circular DIN. Also look under Din connectors

Abbatron {Phono Jacks}

ACON 'Advanced-Connectek Inc.' {RCA Jacks}

Emerson Network Power {RCA Plug/Jack-6.3mm Plug}

Foxconn Electronics {Circular DIN, Mini-DIN, Audio Jack, RCA Jack, Modular Jack}

Kycon {2.5mm/3.5mm Audio Jacks}

ITT Cannon {Audio connectors, XLR and XLB2}

Lumberg Inc. {Jack connectors acc. to JISC 6560, three sizes, mono and stereo. RCA connectors, cinch connectors, JEITA RC-5231}

Switchcraft {Jacks/Plugs Phono/Mono/Stereo-1/4", Metric size/Subminiature/Shielded/Unshielded}

Tyco Electronics

YuShin Electronic co. {Manufacturer of take-out robot for plastic injection molding machine}

YuShin Electronic co. {Automation for the plastics industry}

Cabled Tri-Color RCA Connectors
RCA Cables

RCA Connectors
An RCA (Phono) connector may be plug or (mating) jack and uses a coaxial cable to transmit audio or video signals.
The male RCA plug consists of a central pin measuring approximately 2mm in diameter,
and an outer shell whose inside diameter is approximately 6mm.
The plug shell is slotted rather than threaded.
The plug shell is connected to the outer conductor, or shield, of the coaxial cable, normally at electrical ground.
The center pin of the plug is connected to the cable center conductor, which carries the signal.
In the jack, the barrel is grounded and the center hole is plated inside to conduct the signal.

MIL-DTL-55116; Five-Pin and Six-Pin Miniature Audio Connectors

Also look under Din connectors

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Card Edge Connector Manufacturers

3M {0.100 inch Card Edge Connector Manufacturer}

Components Corp. {Card Edge Connectors; 0.1" x 0.2" [Center x Row], 4 - 100 contact positions}

ECS 'Electronic Connector Service, Inc.' {Card Edge Connectors; 0.1, .125, .50, .156 Contact Centers}

EDAC Inc. {Card Edge Connectors}

Framatome Connectors International 'FCI' {PCI Edge Card, PCI Express Card Edge, Power Edge Connectors,SFP, XFP, XENPAK}

Foxconn Electronics {AGP, NLX, EISA, ISA, Microchannel, PCI Bus Connector}

Fujitsu Takamisawa Inc. {Card Edge Connector}

Hirose Electronic 'HRS' {Notebook Card Edge Connector Manufacturer}

JST {0.8mm/3.96mm}

Kycon {Edge Connector; .050" Cache/COASt Application, 0.05" EISA, PCI, AGP Applications. 0.100" ISA/PC Bus Application. 0.40" AGP, NLX Application}

Meritec {RoHS Compliant Right Angle PCI Express, AGP Connectors. Angled PCI and PCIX connectors}

Methode Electronics {0.5 inch Ultra Thin Card Edge Connector}

Phoenix Contact

Power Dynamics {PDI} {Card Edge Connector/PCB/Keyed/IDC/High Density}

Sullins Electronics Corp. {.05/.039 Card Extender}

Teka Interconnection Systems {Compliant Pin Press Fit, Solder Dip, Wire Wrap 0.1, 0.125}

Tyco Electronics {AGP Bus - NLX Bus Connector Manufacturer}

PCB Edge Mount Board, copper fingers
PWB Fingers

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Power Connector Manufacturers

Main Power Connector types: IEC320 (now IEC 60320), NEMA 5-15, MIL-C-5015 (Circular)
Inlet: Female case, male pin; Outlet: Male case female pin
IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) ~ International Standards Body
NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) ~ US Standards Body
MIL (US Military Standard)

Manufacturers which produce Power Connectors have moved to the AC Power Connector Manufacturers page

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Terminal Block Manufacturers

Altech Corp. {Terminal Blocks}

Blockmaster Electronics Inc.

CINCH Connector Div. {Terminal blocks}

Curtis {Terminal Blocks}

DINTEK {Terminal Blocks}

Essen Deinki {1.14 mm. square pins, Header straight, single row, non-polarised}


Hirose Electronic

JST {1.14mm/0.64mm square post Header, 2.5mm / 2.54mm Spacing, Two-circuit jumper connector}

lmi Components

Molex {Barrier terminal strips/Terminal blocks}

Phoenix Contact Inc. {Fixed Pluggable Board Mount Terminal Blocks}


Staffall Inc. {Terminal - Pin and Socket}

Tyco Electronics

WAGO Corp. {Pluggable Terminal Blocks}

Weco Electrical Connectors {Rail Mounted - Terminal Blocks}

Weidmuller Electronics {Terminal Block}

Wieland Inc. {Pluggable Terminal Blocks}

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Plugs - Jack Manufacturers

Jack & Plug Vendors:

Advanced Interconnections {Terminals-Test Jack}

CUI {2.5mm/3.5mm Audio Jacks, RCA Jacks, DC Power Jacks}

Hirose Electronic

Kycon {Jacks}

Power Dynamics

Switchcraft {Plugs, Jacks, Patch Panels, Patch Kits}

Tyco Electronics

Connector Jacks per MIL-39024

Female to Female Banana Jack connectors
Female to Male Banana Jack connectors

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Telcom Connector Manufacturers

RJ (Modular Connector Jacks (female), Plugs (male)) types:
.. RJ11: Normal (1 pair) home phone jack, having 2, 4 to 6 pins. Tip (pin 2) and Ring (pin 3) reside on the 4 pin version.
.. RJ12: Has 3 pairs of pins: An RJ-11 using 3 pairs of wires
.. RJ14: Has 2 pairs of pins: 1 and 4, and 2 and 3. An RJ-11 using 1 pair of wires
.. RJ25: Has 3 pairs of pins: 1 and 6, 2 and 5, and 3 and 4.
.. RJ45: Has 4 pairs of pins. Used with RS232, 10BaseT, EIA568.
.. RJ48: Has 5 pairs of pins. Four voice circuits, used with T1/E1/ISDN.

This listing has moved to the Telcom Connector Manufacturers page.

Phone connector: Long (1/4") metal rod connector. The tip is insulated from the rest of barrel.
The Mini-Phone: TIP = Left channel positive, RING = Right channel positive, Sleeve = common ground

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A General listing of Connector Manufacturers and Related sites.
This page is sub-divided into Audio Connector manufacturers, Card Edge types, Coax/Twinax, D sub, DIN Connectors and so on.
In addition connectors which are used for electronic Buses are also listed.

PC motherboard

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