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A listing of Terminal Block and Related vendors.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

Terminal Block Manufacturers

Companies selling Terminal Blocks

Altech Corp. {Terminal Blocks}

CINCH Connector Div. {Terminal blocks}

Curtis {Barrier Style Terminal Blocks, PC Board Blocks}

DINTEK {Terminal Blocks}

Essen Deinki {Terminal Boards}

lmi Components {PCB mount, Panel Mount; Pin Spacings: 6.35mm / .374}

Molex {Barrier terminal strips/Terminal blocks}

Phoenix Contact Inc. {Fixed Pluggable Board Mount Terminal Blocks}

Selecom S.R.L. {PC Style Terminal and Housing - Pin and Socket Power Connectors}

Staffall Inc. {Terminal - Pin and Socket}

Tyco Electronics

WAGO Corp. {Pluggable Terminal Blocks}

Weco Electrical Connectors {Rail Mounted & Terminal Blocks}

Weidmuller Electronics {Rail mounted terminal blocks}

Terminal Board Styles;
Barrier Terminal Block [terminals separated by a barrier]
High-power Terminal Block
Tri-Barrier Terminal Block [barrier separating terminals on two sides]
Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Screw-less terminals [Spring held wire compression]
Wire Guard Terminal Blocks
Panel Mount and Through-Chassis Terminal Blocks
PCB Mount Terminal Blocks and Terminal Strips

Terminal Block: An insulating base utilizing one or more terminal connectors.
In most cases the Terminal block contains a number of mechanical screw locations
so wires may be electrically connected together via the screw connection.
Well designed systems use round terminals which the wires are connected to.
Other common terms include Terminal Strip, or Terminal Board, or screw terminal.
A screw is commonly used as the terminal, but metal studs [threaded and un-threaded] are also found.
metal jumpers are also available which are used to bridge the gap between two terminals [in the same row].
Both single and double row terminal boards are common [both with varying amount of terminals].

An example Terminal Board is shown below, which may hold a number of screw terminals.
This particular example may hold between two and 22 terminals [both an even or odd number of terminals].
Regardless of the number of wire terminals, the width and height of the component remains constant.
The length does increase by 0.25 inches each time a new row of terminals is added.
The minimum component length follows: A = 0.75, B = 1.00 inches for the diagram.
Of course the terminal length also depends on the size of screw used, and the thickness of the plastic barrier.

Multi-position Plastic Molded Terminal Board
Molded Barrier Terminal Board with Screw Terminals

Terminal Board Specifications
In addition to the physical size, electrical ratings will also be provided for terminal boards.
The maximum voltage rating will be provided within the data sheet; 300 and 600 volts being common voltages.
The maximum current rating will be provided in the data sheet; with currents between 15 and 40 amps being common.
Either electrical rating is important. but are also important when taken in combination [as in over-heating for example].

Multi-Row Terminal Board metal Jumper
Row Jumper

Terminal boards are usually used as a termination or connection point for individual wires originating from different points in a system.
Either because the interconnect represents to few wires to make a cable assembly, or because the wires are coming from a number of locations.
A terminal board also allows changing the interconnections simply by moving the wires to another post or screw terminal.
Terminal strips also act as a distribution point to fan out wires to different points in the system.

Lug Implementation Note: The maximum number of lugs to be connected to any one terminal on a terminal board should be two for screw-type terminal boards.
Accessories such as stud connectors, straddle plates, jumpers, and terminal board lugs should be counted as lugs for this purpose.
A jumper may be used to connect another row together, allowing more wires to be interconnected.

A General listing of Connector terminal block Manufacturers and Related sites.
This page is sub-divided into different Connector manufacturers, as found in the links at the top of the page.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

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