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A listing of Connector Header Manufacturers and Related sites.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

Header Manufacturers

The cable side may be an IDC [Insulation Displacement Connector], solder or crimp type.
However the cable end is not normally referred to as a header, only the board connector is.
Of course it's up to the manufacturer and connectors may still be found as IDC box headers.
The board side is also referred to as a Pin Header when the contacts are not shrouded.

Adam Technologies Inc. {IDC shrouded box header, Board mount Pin Header and Female Headers}

Aries Electronics Inc. {Produces DIP and Socket Headers}

Chupond Precision Co. Ltd. {Chip & Pin Headers, Extended. Male/Female Pin Headers}

Crane Connectors {2mm and 2.54mm or .100 inch pitch Pin Strip Headers}

ECS 'Electronic Connector Service, Inc.' {1, 1.27, 2, and 2.54mm Headers & Sockets, & 2" headers}

Essen Deinki {3.96mm Headers}

Foxconn Electronics {Friction/Shrouded/Breakaway 2.54mm [0.100in]}

Framatome Connectors International 'FCI' {Shrouded Headers, Unshrouded Headers, 2mm and 2.54mm or .100 inch pitch}

Hirose Electronic

Harwin {Board to Board connector headers}

JST {Straight and right angle headers}

Power Dynamics {Header}


Teka Interconnection Systems {.100 and 2mm Surface Mount, Through Hole Headers, Straight, Right Angle, Shrouded}

Tyco Electronics

Standard sizes: .200" (5.08mm), .156" (3.96mm), .100" (2.54mm), .079" (2mm), .050" x .100" (1.27 x 2.54mm),
.050" x .050" (1.27 x 1.27mm), .0394" (1mm), .0315" (.8mm), .0197" (.5mm) pitch}

Note a few companies call Headers, Board to Board, Board Stacking connectors or just PCB connectors, but most just use the term header.
Some engineers may also use the term Berg stick to refer to a single pin header, or a group of unshrouded pins.
In almost all cases a header is a group of pins held in a block of plastic forming a low density connector with a limited number of pins.
Some example pin spacing is shown above, which includes all the most common pin-to-pin spacing.
In addition, a header is normally only used for low speed signaling or in test and debug applications.

Jumper Definition, a shunt being required when the header is used as a jumper block.
General Header Definition, or a detailed Pin Header Definition or an equally detailed Shrouded Header Definition.

Related Connector; Manufacturers of Terminal Blocks

The cable side may be an IDC [Insulation Displacement Connector] type, portrayed as a box header, when using a flat cable or ribbon cable.

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