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This is a listing of Resistor Network Manufacturers, and Resistor Array Manufacturers.
The listing is subdivided into Passive Linear Resistor Manufacturers, Nonlinear Resistor Manufacturers and Active Resistor component manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the company produce are listed under the manufacturers name, in alphabetic order.

Resistor Information{5% Standard Values, 1% Standard Values, EIA Chip Sizes, Ring Band/Color Code}

Resistor Array Manufacturers

Accutek Microcircuit Corporation {Resistor Networks, Series Network, R/2R Ladder network, Divider/Terminator - SIP, ZIP or DIP packaging}

American Technical Ceramics Corp. {Resistor Networks qualified to; Mil-PRF-55342, MIL-STD 202, and ANSI /J-STD-002 specifications}

Anaren {RF Power Resistor Termination}

BI Technologies {Resistor Networks Manufacturer}

Bourns {Resistor Networks, Thick Film, Thin Film, Resistor/Capacitor Networks. Diode Networks}

Caddock {High Precision Resistor Networks}

Component General Inc. {Stripline Base Mounted Terminations}

Electro Technik{Resistor Networks}

International Manufacturing Services 'ims' {High Power Surface Mount Resistor Terminator Manufacturer.}

IRC - International Resistive Company {Resistor Networks- all styles}

KOA Speer {Resistor Arrays}

Meritek Electronics Corp. {Resistor/Capacitor Networks, Resistor Array}

Precision Resistive Products Inc. {Chip Resistor Networks, Precision Chip Resistor Array}

RCD Components Inc. {Thick Film SIP Network Resistors, Concave Term Array, Leadless Chip Carrier}

Riedon {Resistor Networks, Foil, metal Film, Thick Film, Thin Film}

State of the Art Inc. {Resistor Networks; MIL-PRF-914, Surface Mount}

Thin Film Technology {Chip Resistor Networks. PECL Terminations}

Token Passive Components {Chip Array Resistors, Chip Network Resistors}

Vishay {Dividers, Ladders, Resistor/capacitor networks, Resistor arrays, Resistor networks, RC Networks}

Fixed Resistor Types
Resistor Arrays: Some number of isolated resistors in the same package.
Resistor Networks: Some number of interconnected resistors contained within the same package.
.... Schematic and IC's: Resistor Network Styles, Resistor/Capacitor Network Styles, Resistor Network Package Styles
Carbon Composition Resistors:
Film Resistors: Cermet, Carbon Film, metal Film, metal Oxide Film,

MIL Specs; MIL-R-914: Resistors, Networks, Fixed, Film, Surface Mount. MIL-PRF-914A

Related data; Derating Resistors Networks, Derating Resistors over Temperature

Isolated, Bused, Dual Terminator Resistor Networks;
16-pin DIP Network Schematic, Dual In-Line Package.
14-pin DIP Network Schematic, Dual In-Line Package.
Note a Gull wing would have the same values and pin out as the DIP packages.

20-pin LLCC Network Schematics, Quad Leadless Chip Carrier.
16-pin LLCC Network Schematics, Quad Leadless Chip Carrier.
16-pin LLCC Network Schematics, Dual Leadless Chip Carrier.
36-pin BGA Array Schematic, Ball Grid Array.

Bused Resistor Network Schematic, SIP, Single In-Line Package.
Isolated Resistor Network Schematic, SIP, Single In-Line Package
Dual Termination Resistor Network Schematic, SIP Single InLine Pack
Non-standard Resistor Network Schematic, 6-pin SIP
4 pin to 12 pins are common for SIP resistor packages.

Dual Passive; RC Network Schematics.

DRT: Dual Row Termination. An SMD package which uses two rows of terminals on the package.
The rows of surface mount terminals might be under the package or on both sides, analogous to a through-hole DIP package.
SRT: Single Row Termination. An SMD package which uses one row of terminals on the package, analogous to a through-hole SIP package.

This is a listing of Electronic Network Resistor manufacturers and vendors.
The types of products or devices each manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional engineering component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below.

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