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byteflight (SI-Bus) Description

byteflight is used for safety-critical applications in motor vehicles [air-bags]. Byteflight is a TDMA [Time Division Multiple Access] protocol that runs at 10Mbps over [2-WIRE or 3-WIRE] Plastic optical fibers [POF] in a bus, Star or Cluster configuration which provides an information update rate of 250uS. Byteflight is based on a message-oriented transmission process, with Master/Slave media access [all messages are made available to all bus subscribers at the same time]. The frame consists of a 6-bit Message Start sequence, an 8-bit message identifier [ID], one length byte [LEN], up to 12 data bytes can be transmitted in the following data field [D0 to D11]. After the data field a 2-byte [16-bit] CRC-sequence is sent [CRCH/CRCL].

byteflight Protocol Format Message Frame

Each field shown above consists of a single byte. Each byte is preceded by a start bit [high], and end with a stop bit [0]. Bus Idle is a constant high.
BMW AG developed the byteflight specification. byteflight is the official name of the data bus system, the working title was SI-Bus.

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