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Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion Battery. (Li-ion) A Battery that uses lithium metallic oxide in its positive electrode (cathode) and carbon material in its negative electrode (anode).
More data on Manufacturers of Lithium Batteries.

The advantage of using a Li-ion battery is that they have no memory effect and a slow loss of charge when not in use. Capacity loss is approximately 5% per month compared to over 30% per month for NiMH and 20% per month for NiCd.

The "C"-type 3-V lithium cells are today the most commonly-used type in quartz watches, calculators. Its package's size is identified by a three-to-four digit code, preceded by the letter "R" to indicate a round cell. The first 1 to 2 digits indicate the outer breadth of the battery (in millimeters, rounded down), and the last two digits indicate the overall height (in tenths of millimeters, rounded down).

ISO/IEC 83-3 diameter codes:
4 = 4.8+0-0.15 mm
5 = 5.8+0-0.15 mm
6 = 6.8+0-0.15 mm
7 = 7.9+0-0.15 mm
9 = 9.5+0-0.15 mm
10 = 10.0+0-0.20 mm
11 = 11.6+0-0.20 mm
12 = 12.5+0-0.25 mm
16 = 16+0-0.25 mm
20 = 20+0-0.25 mm
23 = 23+0-0.50 mm
24 = 24.5+0-0.50 mm

Height Codes
used with 16 to 24 mm diameter batteries:
12 = 1.20+0-0.20 mm
16 = 1.60+0-0.20 mm
20 = 2.00+0-0.25 mm
25 = 2.50+0-0.50 mm
30 = 3.00+0-0.50 mm
36 = 3.60+0-0.50 mm
50 = 5.00+0-0.50 mm

Common Li-ion Styles
CR1025 Lithium Coin Cells
CR1216 Lithium Coin Cells
CR1220 Lithium Coin Cells
CR1225 Lithium Coin Cells
CR1616 Lithium Coin Cells
CR1620 Lithium Coin Cells
CR1632 Lithium Coin Cells
CR2016 Lithium Coin Cells
CR2025 Lithium Coin Cells
CR2032 Lithium Coin Cells
CR2320 Lithium Coin Cells
CR2325 Lithium Coin Cells
CR2430 Lithium Coin Cells
CR2450 Lithium Coin Cells
CR2470 Lithium Coin Cells

Lithium-ion Batteries come in a number of shapes and sizes.
However this page only covers Li-ion coin cells.
Additional styles: [Coin Battery, Button Battery]
There are two styles of Tabbed Li-ion coin cells, both surface mount and pinned (through-hole).
Also Lithium-ion Batteries may be encapsulated and hermetically sealed
Lithium Polymer Ion batteries use a gel electrolyte to replace the traditional liquid electrolyte and normally are formed into a thin styles.
A Lithium iron phosphate battery is a style of rechargeable battery in a AAA format.

Lithium-ion batteries have a nominal open-circuit voltage of 3.6V and typical charging voltage of 4.2V.

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