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AWG Cable Description

American Wire Gauge

The table below lists the wire Characteristics for different gauges of the American Wire Gauge [AWG].
The American Wire Gauge provides a means of specifying wire diameters.
For each different AWG [wire size] the table provides;
the Diameter [in mils], the resistance per 1000 foot, the current carrying capability [Ampacity], and Pounds per Foot [number of feet required to weigh 1 pound].
The AWG is based upon a constant ratio of cross-section between wires of successive gage numbers.

This table provides Ohms/per at two different temperatures, 25C and 65C. Related topic; Cable Derating.
Quick reference to Wire Gauge vs Resistance.
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Note that the table also provides pounds per 1000 feet of cable.
An important consideration when designing cable for Avionics buses.
However land based systems are less effected by weight.

Brown and Sharpe AWG Table

Aluminum wire properties are listed under the
Aluminum electrical Wire page

Manufacturers listing Electrical Wire and Cable

Also see the Wire Insulation Color Code page; Color coding of wire insulation based on application.

Determine cable length vs. voltage drop. Determine cable length vs. Heat increase.

PC motherboard

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