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Medium Duty Antenna Tracking Pedestals

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A tracking pedestal performs one or two functions; it's either used to move an antenna to track a target or to move an antenna to transmit or receive in a different direction.

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Heavy Duty Antenna Tracking Pedestals

A heavy duty tracking pedestal is one that is designed to move or rotate a heavy load, as in a large antenna or radar structure. Although a tracking pedestal does not have to rotate. The term heavy does not relate to the weight of the pedestal. More data will be added as it becomes available. Also refer to Manufacturers of Light Duty Pedestals.

There is no clear definition of the deference between a light, medium or heavy pedestal. However in each case the term applies to the size of the antenna it will support and not to the pedestal itself. [related section; Antenna Terms]. Also see WaveGuide Manufacturers.

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