Antenna Tracking Pedestal Manufacturers

Light Duty Antenna Tracking Pedestals

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The term light applies to small, movable, portable or an antenna pedestal that is not heavy.
The term refers to the size of the antenna that the mount will support. Of course unless the mount is movable, there is a point when an antenna would not need a pedestal or support. The term tracking implies that the antenna is movable or may be pointed in different directions. A tracking antenna would need to have some method to point the antenna in either azimuth [left-right] or elevation [up-down]. If the antenna were mounted to a mobile platform than some method to Stabilize the pointing would also be required.

Antenna Terms:
Tracking Antenna
Azimuth Mount, or X-Y Mount
Elevation-over-Azimuth Mount

Manufacturers of Medium Duty Pedestals, including Heavy Duty Pedestals

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Satellite Radar on pedistal
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