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interfacebus was the creation and passion of my late brother, Leroy. Before he died, he spent many hours and long nights training me on the vision and mission of interfacebus. It was during this time that I grew closer to him than I had ever been growing up together. I will be adding real history and insights into interfacebus in the coming months, so if you are interested, be sure to check back.

In memory of Leroy Davis

Site creator and SysOp of Leroy ("Lee" to me) turned interfacebus over to me after the IRS had taken everything of value from him and he could no longer afford to run it. He was another victim of the economy and having been unemployed for years had gone through the last of his 401k and was faced with paying the huge taxes on early withdrawal to the IRS with no means to pay. Lee had worked every day of life since he was 14 and wanted to work still but was unable to find it. He didn't want welfare or food stamps, he wanted a job, and when he couldn't find one, he used his savings and retirement money to live on until it too ran dry. In the end, when the IRS forced him out of his home and onto the street, he took his own life. Lee was a college educated electrical engineer, a worker, and my brother and he was killed by an uncaring system that valued his house more than they valued his life or his benefit to society. I will maintain this site in his honor and memory for as long as I am able.

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Online / 2006

Since its creation interfacebus has grown to contain over 1000 pages with unique content covering every aspect of Electrical Engineering.

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