Xenon Lamp Manufacturers

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This is a listing of Xenon Lamp manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the companies produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Xenon lamps are not used in electronic circuitry that often.

Manufacturers of Xenon Lamps

CCFL Lamp Manufacturers {Cold cathode fluorescent Lamp}

EEFL Lamp Manufacturers {External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp}

International Light Technologies {Xenon Excimer Discharge Flat Fluorescent Lamp System}

Hamamatsu {Xenon Lamps 35-220 watts, Mercury Xenon}

JKL Components Corp. {T-3 1/2 Size Xenon Filled Lamps}

OSRAM {Xenon Lamps; Automotive Lighting}

Xenon Lamp Definition: Xenon Definition Incandescent Gas Filled Lamps.
A Xenon lamp produces light by an electric arc between two electrodes in an ionized xenon gas atmosphere.
A Xenon lamp is an Incandescent light source, so it emits a different spectrum of light than fluorescent lights for example. Xenon lamps are also more or less a specialized lamp when compared to the other styles being produced.
The symbol for Xenon is Xe and an atomic number 54.

Xenon Gas Lamps

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