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X-by-Wire bus Description

X-by-Wire: is the collective term for the addition of electronic systems into the vehicle to enhance and replace tasks that were previously accomplished via mechanical and hydraulic systems.
Automotive temperature requirements are -40C to +125C. The term XBW is also used to indicate X-By-Wire

X-by-Wire is one of six classifications of vehicle Buses; the classes include: Class A, Class B, Class C, Emissions/Diagnostics, Mobile Media, and X-by-Wire.
Class A: A multiplex wiring system which reduces wiring by transmitting and receiving multiple signals over the same signal bus.
The multi-purpose bus replaces individual wires performing the same function. Normally Class A defines general purpose UART communication with bit rates below 10kbps
Class B: A multiplex wiring system which transmits data between nodes. The nodes replace existing stand-alone modules. Used as a non-critical 10kbps to 125kbps bus
Class C: A multiplex wiring system which reduces wiring by using real-time high-data signals. Operating between 125kbps and 1Mbps

Emissions/Diagnostics: handle either Emissions or Diagnostics buses.
Mobile Media: buses handle Mobile Media equipment.

X-by-Wire is just a general term and is not a specification or a standard.
So there is no X-by-Wire spec that defines a particular topology, physical interface or electrical interface.
X-by-Wire is a term in common usage in the Automotive industry to reference different vehicle Bus Standards.
The term is also not confined to any particular automaker and could refer to any wired interface used for control.
Of course the term is an off-shoot of fly-by-wire which refers to control of an aircrafts flight surfaces using cabled interfaces instead of hydraulic lines.

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