WaveGuide Manufacturers

Waveguide Definition: A material medium that confines and guides a propagating electromagnetic wave. A rectangular, circular, or elliptical metal pipe designed to transport electromagnetic waves through its interior. The transmitted waves are reflected by the walls of the waveguide.

Manufacturers of Waveguides

K & L Microwave {WaveGuides, Waveguide Filters}

Lorch Microwave {Waveguide Filters; Bandpass, Lowpass, Band Reject, Duplexer 2GHz to 65GHz}

Micro metal smiths Ltd {Power Dividers and Combiners, Waveguide Bends, Waveguide Special Structures}

Microwave Development Laboratories Inc. 'MDL' {Waveguide Adapters & Transformers, Waveguide Bends & Twists}

Precision Waveguide Components Inc {Straight Sections, feed-thru, Pressuring, 90 degree Mitre/Sweep E/H Plane, Rigid Twist, Tapered, waveguide to Coax/SMA, SHIMS}

Spectrum Microwave {Waveguide Filters}

The Waveguide Solution Limited {WaveGuide Manufacturer}

The pictures show two rectangular waveguide tubes and a double ridge waveguide. Flexible waveguide are not yet shown.

A waveguide is a microwave transmission medium that is used starting after around 1000MHz, replacing cabled transmission line because of the increasing loses incurred within the cable. In fact a waveguide functions better at higher frequencies and has a lower frequency cut-off; while coaxial cable operates better at lower frequencies and has a upper frequency cut-off.

The term hollow conductor is used when comparing a waveguide to a coaxial cable, with a center conductor. Waveguides have no losses due to radiation, while cabled interfaces do. Although a shielded coaxial line also does not radiate energy, the losses incurred by the solid dielectric negate the fact that losses are not due to radiation. Air is the most common dielectric used with wave-guides.

MIL-HDBK-660A - Fabrication of Rigid Waveguide Assemblies
MIL-DTL-28839 - Elliptical Waveguides
MIL-DTL-85 - Rigid Waveguides
MIL-G-83528/ - Gasketing Material, Conductive, Shielding Gasket, Electronic Elastomer, Electrical, EMI/RFI, Waveguide
MIL-DTL-24211 - Gaskets, Waveguide Flange General Specification
MIL-DTL-3922 - Flanges, Waveguide, General Purpose
MIL-DTL-22641 - Adapters, Coaxial to Waveguide

Coaxial Electrical connection to a waveguide

Manufacturers of Waveguide Gaskets

Chomerics {Conductive Elastomer Waveguide Gaskets}

Mega Industries {Waveguide Gaskets}

SAS Industries, Inc. {Waveguide Gaskets}

Tech-Etch, Inc. {Wave Gaskets for Plain Flanges Standard Die Cut Sizes, Conductive elastomer}

United Seal & Rubber, Co., Inc. {Molded Circular Waveguide Gaskets with D Cross Section, D-rings}

Gasket Styles: Die-cut rectangular, Die-cut circular
Molded rectangular, with "O" cross section
Molded circular, with "O" cross section (O-rings)
Molded circular, with "D" cross section (D-rings)
Molded rectangular, with "D" cross section

Flange styles: CPR, UG, and CMR

Types of Waveguide Bends
E-Plane and H-Plane Waveguide Bends

Waveguide Vendors
Waveguide Gasket Vendors

Finned Dummy Load Waveguide
Waveguide Load

SMA to Waveguide

Double Ridge Waveguide
SMA Connector operations 10GHz

N-Type Waveguide adapter
N-Type Connector operations 12GHz

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