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VPX Board Description

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VPX Board J0 Signal Assignment

VPX is defined by VITA46. VPX boards may still follows the IEEE 1101 standard for board size but use different connectors.
However a VPX board may also use the REDI standard [VITA 48] for a mechanical form factor. VPX cards may be either 3U or 6U high and 160mm deep.
The VPX board style defines a new direction for the VME bus standard and is not backward compatible with the VME specification.
The new VPX connector allows signals to operate up to 6.26Gbps.
However, manufacturers do produce backplanes that handle both VME and VPX cards.
The J0 connector is one of a number of connectors defined for a VPX card, this carries system, JTAG, and power signals.

The VPX interface still provides the common 3.3v, +/-12v and 5 volt power pins.
The plus 5 volt lines are assumed to be provided to keep the VPX card compatible with the legacy VME cards.
The 5 volt lines could also be used to supply power to older mezzanine cards that still require 5 volts.

J0 Power and System Utility Signals
.Wafer TypeRow IRow HRow GRow FRow ERow DRow CRow BRow A

VITA 46.1 VMEbus Signal Mapping for VITA 46
VITA 46.3 Serial RapidIO on VITA 46
VITA 46.5 Hypertransport on VITA 46
VITA 46.9 XMC and PMC User I/O Mapping for VITA 46
VITA 46.10 Rear Transition Module for VITA 46

VPX J1 Pin outs, and signal names.
VPX Board Description

Note the P0 connector as defined here has no relationship to the P0 connector used with the previous or standard VME interface.
VME used a P0 connector for user I/O and resided between the P1 and P2 connectors.
The P0 connector used on VPX places the connector at the board edge and uses it for power signals.

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