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Smart Card Description

Smart Card defines the physical and electrical protocols for a plastic 'chip card' used to store data. A Smart Card can hold much more data then by a simple magnetic strip. A Smart card will either have an embedded memory chip to store data, or an embedded microprocessor to interact during a transaction. Smart Card uses normal TTL switching levels. A Smart Card comes in two different interface types; a contact type and a contact-less type. The contact-less type uses an embedded antenna. The contact type has an 8-pin flat connector embedded on the top of the card.

Smart Cards are also referred to by other names depending upon its application:
SIM Card [Subscriber Identity Module], the type of application running on a UICC Smart Card.
UICC Card [Universal Integrated Circuit Card], Smart Card used in mobile phones. One example of an application running on a UICC devices is ISIM.
Another type of card is UICC-2 which supports a CDMA network. UICC may also be found as UMTS Integrated Circuit Card; both seem to have the same definition:
"Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC): a physically secure device, an IC card (or smart card), that can be inserted and removed from the terminal equipment.
It may contain one or more applications. One of the applications may be a USIM"

A Smart card may also be called, Smartcards, chip cards, or integrated circuit (IC) cards

Smart Card Standard Organizations

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

IEC []: International Electrotechnical Commission

Smart Card Specifications: ISO 7816-1, 2, 3
ISO 7816-3 Electronic Signals and Transmission Protocols; defines the electrical aspects.

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG8; Contactless Integrated Circuit(s) Cards []
{WG8 is the Working group involved in the standards}

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Smart Card PinOut

8 Pin Smartcard Bus PinOut
Pin # Pin name Pin Description
1 VCC +5v or 3.3v DC
2 Reset Card Reset (Optional)
3 CLOCK Card Clock
4 AS Application Specific
5 GND Ground
6 VPP +21v DC [Programming], or NC
7 I/O In/Out [Data]
8 AS Application Specific

6 Pin Smartcard Bus PinOut
Pin # Pin name Pin Description
1 VCC +5v or 3.3v DC
2 Reset Card Reset (Optional)
3 CLOCK Card Clock
5 GND Ground
6 VPP +21v DC [Programming], or NC
7 I/O In/Out [Data]

Smart Card Connector Manufacturers

The 6-Pin square, flat connector is most common

Refer to the main Smart Card page for connector manufacturers

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OEM SmartCard Manufacturing

Samsung Electronics Co. []
{Dual interface smart card ICs, 72kB/ 144kB Electrically Erasable and Programmable ROM; EEPROMs. Single-chip CMOS micro-controller}

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