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Trimmer Capacitor Manufacturers

Companies making Trimmers
Johanson Manufacturing Corporation
{Air Trimmer Capacitors, Microwave, Nonmagnetic trimmer Capacitors, Ceramic Trimmers, Single Turn}

{Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor Manufacturer, SMD}

{Single / Multi-turn Trimmer Capacitor}

Tusonix Inc.
{Variable Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor Manufacturer}

{Ceramic/SMD/GP Variable Capacitors}

Voltronics Corporation
{Half Turn / Non-Magnetic Trimmer Caps}

As with any capacitor, a trimmer consists of two metal plates separated by a dielectric.
Unlike other capacitor types, a trimmer capacitor may use air as the dielectric.

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{Trimmer Capacitor Manufacturers top}

In many cases a particular manufacturer will produce capacitors of each dielectric material, but not in all cases.
Air is the most common dielectric for variable capacitors, followed by film.
Of course a trimmer is a variable capacitor, but normally a trimmer is used in a circuit to make very small adjustments,
while the term variable capacitor is used for components that make much larger changes to a circuit.
This is a general listing of Trimmer Capacitor manufacturers and vendors.
The types of adjustable capacitors the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name.

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