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Temperature Sensor Manufacturers

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A listing of Temperature Sensor Manufacturers, vendors and Related sites, listed in alphabetic order, under one of the following headings;
Acceleration, Hall Effect, Optical, Position, or Temperature. The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name.
Buses used to read sensors are listed on the Sensor Buses page.

Temperature Sensor Manufacturers

Sensor Vendors:
Analog Devices {Temperature to Digital Converters}

Infineon {silicon based PTCs Temperature Sensors}

Maxim Integrated Products {Digital output ICs. Temperature Monitor for DDR, Addressable, Fan Controllers}

Measurement Specialties {NTC & thermistor sensors and Temperature probe assemblies}

MicroChip {Precision-Two wire-Smbus-ACPI-Low Voltage-Solid State}

National {Accurate Factory Preset Thermostat, Factory Programmable Dual Remote-Diode Thermostat}

NXP {Silicon temperature sensors,-55 to 150C}

Precision Resistor Company, Inc. 'PRC'

SemiConductor Devices {infrared detectors}

STMicroelectronics {Thermal Sensors, Precision Temperature Sensor, 3-Terminal Adjustable}

Thermodisk {Bimetal/Snap Switch}

RTD: Resistance Temperature Detector

Temperature Sensors provide an electrical output based on the surrounding temperature.

Thermostatic Switch Definition [Bi-metal Switches]
Environmental Alarm Unit Manufacturers; including Air Flow Alarms and Temperature Alarm Units.

A listing of component Temperature Sensor Manufacturers, and vendors.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional component manufacturers are listed under the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers under the OEM Equipment icon.

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