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Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturers

Tantalum Capacitors are polarized, and may be used in DC circuits. Typical values range form 0.1uF to 470uF.
Standard Tantalum values change in multiples of 10, 22, 33, and 47.
Normal Temperature Coefficient [TC] for Tantalum Capacitors is +5%.

Tantalum Capacitor vendors;
AVX {Leaded/SMT Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturer}

Kemet {Industrial/commercial grade/Mil-PRF-55365/8 Tantalum Capacitors}

Cornell Dubilier {Axial Leaded, Molded Case, Dipped, and SMD Tantalum Capacitor}

Illinois Capacitor {Low leakage current, RoHS compliant Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors}

Mallory "Vishay" {Wet slug tantalum capacitors: MIL:CLR 79,CLR81,CLR65,CLR69/Commercial: 135D,138D,109D}

Meritek Electronics Corp. {Radial Dipped Through Hole/Surface Mount Chip Tantalum Capacitor}

NEC {Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturer}



nemco {Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturer: Standard Chips, Low Profile Chips}

NIC Components {Tantalum Chip/Resin Dipped Radial}

Nichicon {Solid Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors}

NTE {Resin-Molded Chip /Conformal Coated Chip Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturer}

ROHM Products {Surface Mount Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturer, -55 to 125 degrees C}

Panasonic Industrial Components

United ChemiCon {Polymer Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors ~ Discontinued}

Tantalum Capacitors are offered in surface mount or through hole versions.
The through hole styles are normally radial lead packages.

Through-hole MIL-PRF-49137 Tantalum Capacitor
Tantalum Capacitor

Additional information on capacitors;
Capacitor Information {Dielectric Types, Temperature Coefficient, SMD sizes, Board Placement, and Value selection}. Solid tantalum capacitors are generally considered more reliable than aluminum electrolytic capacitors because solid tantalum capacitors do not wear out. Their failure rate decreases with time, while aluminum electrolytic capacitors wear out by drying out. As a practical matter, dry-out only affects the smallest capacitors operating in high-temperature environments. Capacitor Derating, Capacitor Dictionary

MIL-PRF-39003; Capacitors, Fixed, Electrolytic (Solid Electrolyte), Tantalum, Established Reliability, General Specification
MIL-PRF-39006 - Capacitor, Fixed, Electrolytic (Non-solid Electrolyte), Tantalum, Established Reliability, General Specification
MIL-PRF-49137 - Capacitors, Fixed, Electrolytic (Solid Electrolyte), Tantalum, Molded, Conformal Coated and metal Cased with Plastic End-Fill, Non-hermetically Sealed, General Specification
MIL-PRF-55365 - Capacitor, Fixed, Electrolytic (Tantalum), Chip, Non-established Reliability, Established Reliability, General Specification

This is a general listing of Tantalum Capacitor manufacturers and vendors. The listing is subdivided by dielectric material. The types of products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. In many cases a particular manufacturer will produce capacitors of each dielectric material, but not in all cases. Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

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