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A listing of Discrete Logic TRIAC Manufacturers and vendors, listed in alphabetic order.
Indexed by [BJT] Transistor Manufacturers, Diode Manufacturers, FET Manufacturers, IGBT Manufacturers, SCR Manufacturers, & Thyristor Manufacturers.
TVS [Transient Voltage Suppressor] devices are listed on the Diode manufacturers page.

TRIAC Vendors

A Triac is really a Thyristor, but some companies refer to these devices as a sub-function of a Thyristor.
In some cases the manufacturer uses the general term of Thyristor and than subdivides that into Triacs and SCRs.
Also check the Thyristor listing above, the list below references companies that use the term Triac.
Also refer to the list of 3-Terminal Package Outlines, listed by package type.

Central Semiconductor
{Leaded Thyristor TRIAC, Chip Form: SILICON TRIAC 2.0A/4.0A/8.0 amps}

{TRIAC - High Commutation, Sensitive Gate}

{Surface Mount, Sunbberless, Sensitive, Logic Level, Standard TRIACs}

{TRIAC Manufacturer}

A TRIAC is a 3 terminal semiconductor device for controlling current in either direction.
The Triac is basically a specialized form of a Thyristor.
Refer to the Triac Definition for more detail.
Triacs are normally high current devices.
Also refer to the page covering Thyristor Types for more details on the styles.
Note that the government does not refer to a TRIAC directly, instead using the term Thyristor.

{TRIAC Manufacturers top}

A listing of Discrete Logic TRIAC Manufactures and vendors, listed in alphabetic order.
Indexed by Transistors [BJT] manufacturers, Diode manufacturers, FET manufacturers, IGBT manufacturers, SCR manufacturers, and Thyristor manufacturers.

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