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A listing of all types of Mechanical Toggle Switch Manufacturers and Related sites, Component links and more.
The products they produce are listed under the company name, listed in Alphabetic order.
This page provides an indexed listing of companies which produce Semiconductor Switches Analog Mixed Signal.
Switch derating information: Guideline for Derating Electronic Mechanical Switches based on Load


Toggle Switch Manufacturers

Arcolectric {Toggle Switch Manufacturer}

Carling Technologies {Toggle Switches}

Dailywell {Toggle Switches}

EAO {Toggle Switch Manufacturer}

E-Switch {Toggle Switch Manufacturer; miniature, sub-miniature, through-hole, SMT & power switches.}



Electroswitch {Miniature Toggle Switches}

Gray Hill Inc {Toggle Switches}

Guardian Electronic Manufacturing Co. {10 Ampere Trigger Switch, MIL S-9487}

Highly Electric Co. Inc. {10A 250VAC / 15A 250VAC Toggle Switches}

Knitter-Switch {Miniature Toggle Switches; short lever, waterproof, locking lever, Subminiature Toggle Switches; ESD-proof, SMD, Low-cost, Microminiature Toggle Switches}

Panasonic "Matsushita" {Panel Switches}

Shogyo International Corp {All Switch types}

Switches Plus {Switch Manufacturer}

Tyco Electronics

Toggle Switch: A switch which is externally actuated by a lever and whose contacts open and close with an instantaneous (snap) action; includes items having one or more momentary positions.

drawing of a panel mount toggle switch

Military Standards

MIL-DTL-13735; Switches, Toggle: 28 VOLT DC
MIL-DTL-3950; Switches, Toggle, Environmentally Sealed, General Specification
MIL-DTL-83731; Switches, Toggle, Unsealed and Sealed Toggle, General Specification
MS39061; Switch, Toggle-SPST, SPDT, 24 Volt DC, 25 Amp (Waterproof)

This is a listing of Toggle Switch manufacturers and vendors. The types of Switch products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

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