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A listing of all types of Mechanical Reed Switch Manufacturers and Related sites.
The products they produce are listed under the company name, listed in Alphabetic order.

Cherry Electrical Products

Comus International
{Reed Switches; Mercury wetted, Dry Reed Switches, High Voltage, High Power}

Coto Technology
{Dry Reed Switches}

{10w - 100w Reed Switches}

HSI Sensing
{Micro-Miniature, Miniature, Standard, High Voltage, High Power, Radio Frequency Reed Switches}

A Reed Switch is the same as a reed relay but with out the electromagnet.
Reed Switch Contacts are made from a ferromagnetic material (reed) which are encapsulated in glass. There are two types; Dry or Wet.
Both types of Reed Switches are identical except a Wet Reed relay has a small amount of mercury added inside the glass tube, providing a more consistent contact resistance.

The Hermetically sealed switch contacts of a reed switch are not effected by and have no effect on their external environment.
Some Reed Switches are SMT devices and may be surface mounted, while most are through-hole devices.
Be careful when cutting or bending the leads of a Reed switch, as the internal NiFe wire leads may be damaged from stress.
A reed switch should not be used as an actuator, such as a lever, push button, or toggle switch.

Reed Switch

This is a general listing of Reed Switch manufacturers and vendors.
The types of Switch products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
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