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A cable strain relief hold a cable in place so no stress from the cable reaches the connection point. A strain relief might also be called a cable clamp as used in the example to the right, or could go by the term safety shield as in the case directly below. The most commonly used term is back shell, which describes a shell at the back of a connector. An attached and hinged back-shell might also be called a clam-shell, shown directly below.

{Wire Strain Relief Clamps, black Nylon, type 6/6, right angle or straight-through styles}

Altech Corp.
{Liquid Tight Strain Reliefs}

Interpower Corporation
{Liquid Tight Dome Nut, EMI-Shielded Liquid Tight Dome Nut, Liquid Tight Flex Style}

Plastic connector safety shield
Wire Shield

A connector back-shell is a common form of cable strain relief, but would commonly be found under the heading of backshell and not under strain relief products. A back-shell makes a mechanical connection to the connector and than makes a compression fitting with the cable, offering strain relief to the wires or cable attached to the connected. However in some instances an open case backshell may also be listed with strain relief or clamp products.

Cable strain relief products protect the internal equipment wiring by taking the strain off wire-to-board connections. The most common form of strain relief is a one piece section of plastic with a half-clip on either end that clamps over a cable and then press-fits into a panel wall to clamp the cable. Pressure is relieved from the board connection by the clamping action of the strain relief. Some times called a Double D strain relief Bushing because two sides of the bushing are flat so that the device does not spin within the chassis panel cut-out.
Grommets are also used as strain relief components that press fit into panels. However a Grommet does not offer that same protection as a one-piece clamp style. The grommet style also requires the cable to be forced through the hole of the grommet, requiring one end of the cable to be free from a connection or end section.
Cable strain relief components are made for either round or flat cables and may be straight-thru or Right-Angle .

PC motherboard

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