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3GPP {3rd Generation Partnership Project}

AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.

ANSI {American National Standards Institute}

ARRL {the American Radio Relay League}

ASME {the American Society of Mechanical Engineers}

ARINC {Aeronautical Radio INC}

ASQ {American Society for Quality}

ASTM {American Society for Testing and Materials}

ATA {Air Transport Association}

ATIS {Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions}

ATSC {Advanced Television Systems Committee}

BSI {British Standards Online}

CiA {CAN In Automation - International Users and Manufactures Group}

CAM-I {Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing - International}

CEN {European Committee for Standardization}

CENELEC {European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization}

DAVIC {Digital Audio Visual Council}

DIN {German Institute for Standardization}

DOD UK {..DOD Standards Specifications Publications..}

DOD US DODSSP [] {.DOD Standards Specifications Publications.}

Defense Standardization Program

DVB {Digital Video Broadcasting}

ECMA {Standardizing Information and Communication Systems}

ECSS {European Cooperation for Space Standardization}

ECTF {Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum}

EIA {Electronic Industries Alliance}, ceased operations on Feb 2011.

ETSI {European Telecommunications Standards Institute}

EUB {European Broadcasting Union}

FCC {Federal Communications Commission}

IDEMA {International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association}

IEC {International Electrotechnical Commission}

IEEE {Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.}

INCITS {International Committee for Information Technology Standards}

IPC {The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits}

IrDA {Infrared Data Association}

ISA {International Society for Measurement and Control}

ISDN {Telcordia Technologies}

ISO {International Organization for Standardization}

ISP {International Organization for Measurement and Control}

ITI {Information Technology Industry Council}

ITUT {International Telecommunication Union Telecommunications Standardization Sector}

JEDEC {Joint Electron Device Engineering Council}

JIS {Japanese Industrial Standards Committee}

NATO Standardization Agreements {North Atlantic Treaty Organization}

NCITS {National Committee for Information Technology Standards}

NCS {National Communications System}

NCTA {National Cable & Telecommunications Association}

NEMA {National Electrical Manufacturers Association}

NIST {National Institute of Standards and Technology}

OIF {Optical Internetworking Forum}

PICMG {PCI Industrial Manufactures Group}

RapidIO Trade Association

SAE International {Society of Automotive Engineers}

SERCOS {SErial Realtime COmmunication System}

Smart Card {The Smart Card Alliance}

TIA {Telecommunications Industry Association}

UL {Underwriters Laboratories Inc}

USB {Universal Serial Bus}

VESA {Video Electronics Standards Association}

VITA {VMEbus International Trade Association}

This is a general index of Electrical Engineering Standard Organizations. Many Engineering Standard Bodies are listed above, and links to specifications. I've also included some Technical Committees, and European groups. Of course the major DOD and military groups are listed. But to get a better listing of Trade Associations and Consortiums, you should go to the {Bus Design} page that best relates to that information ~ as there are many different Trade Associations.

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