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A listing of Glue Logic manufacturers, ordered by TTL, CMOS, ECL, or Single gate IC's. The products produced are indexed under the company listing.
Combined TTL/CMOS devices [FCT] are listed under the CMOS Manufacturers heading.
Interface ICs using CML are not yet listed; however many of the companies listed here provide these functions.
Devices with GTL, GTLP or BTL are listed under the CMOS heading.

TTL Logic Manufacturers

Fairchild Semiconductor {TTL - 74xx - ALS - F Devices}

National Semiconductor {Military / Aerospace 54xx F - TTL - L - LS series logic ICs}


ON Semiconductor {TTL - LS - F ICs}

Texas Instruments 'TI' {ALS - AS - F - LS - S - TTL series of devices}

Regular TTL interfacing ICs are certainly in the maturity phase of its Life Cycle.
I would think any number of CMOS styles would out perform TTL logic, in both speed and power consuption.

CMOS - BiCMOS Logic Manufacturers

Glue Logic Voltage Threshold Chart
Glue Logic Speed x Power Chart
Design note; CMOS is the better option over TTL logic.

Fairchild Semiconductor {ABT - AC - ACQ - ACTQ - C - GTLP - HC/T - LCX - LVT/X - VCX}

Hitachi Semiconductor (America) "Renesas Technology Corp. {ALVC - LVC IC Manufacturer}

Intersil {Radiation Hardened} {ACS - ACTS - HCS - HCTS}

Integrated Device Technology Inc. 'IDT' {FCT-ALVC/H-FCT-LCX-LVC/LVCH-GTLP}

National Semiconductor {Military/Aerospace 54AC/ACT/Q-FCT-ABT-HC-C-LCX-VCX-VHC}


ON Semiconductor {AC-HC-LCX-LVX-VCX-VHC Integrated Circuits}

Pericom Semiconductor Inc. {ALVCH-ALVCT-FCT-LCX-LPT}

STMicroelectronics {HC/HCT-AC/ACT-VHC/T-LCX-LCV-GTL}

Texas Instruments 'TI' {AHC/T-ABT/E/ETL-AC/T-ALB-ALVC-BCT-CBT/LV-HC/T-LV/C/T-ALVT-AVC-GTLP components}


Aeroflex {RAD Hard ACTS/ACS ICs}

Design hint: Radiation Hardened ICs are hard to find, both in function and family type.
So allow design time when searching for functions because it may take longer than locating a normal IC function.

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Single Gate Logic Manufacturers - "Pico Gate Logic"

Fairchild Semiconductor {IC Gates, Buffers, Inverters, Decoders and Muxes}

ON Semiconductor

Pericom Semiconductor Inc. {Single gate functions}

STMicroelectronics {Single gate: VHC / VHCT - HCMOS ICs}

Texas Instruments 'TI'

Pico Gate Logic [Single Gate Logic] contains a single gate in a small package.
Pico Gate Logic isn't really a logic family, just a different style of chip package with one type of gate contained in it.
So a Pico Gate IC could hold any style of logic family and any type of logic function.
However to be 'pico' the logic function would have to use a minimum number of pins, forcing it to be little more than a logic gate, buffer, inverter, or flip flop.
The packaging may not be the same between different companies, unlike normal TTL functions.

{Glue Logic IC Manufacturers Index}

D Flip Flop IC
D-Type Flip Flop Chip

The Logic Design page has several pages dealing with Glue Logic design issues, Including:
List of TTL, ECL and CMOS Glue Logic Families {Defines the meaning of the glue logic Acronyms used on this page,
expanding the meaning of each part letter.}
Logic Voltage Threshold Chart {A Chart of TTL / CMOS Logic Input and Output [I/O] logic switching levels}
Low Voltage Logic Threshold Chart {Low Voltage TTL / CMOS Input and Output [I/O] logic switching levels}
IC Speed vs. Power Chart {TTL / CMOS Glue Logic Chart comparing switching speed and power dissipation}
Voltage Translation between Logic Families {Interfacing between different logic series}
How do I know which Glue Logic family to use {Descriptions of switching speeds and switching level
for each of the Glue Logic Families, with Noise Margins and Fan Outs.}
Logic Family Prefix Listing {Part Number prefix to IC Operational Temperature Ranges}
Logic Derating {How to derate ICs}

This page provides a general listing of Glue Logic manufacturers and vendors, ordered by TTL manufacturers, CMOS manufacturers, ECL manufacturers, or Single gate IC manufacturers.
The products produced are indexed under the company listing. Interface ICs using CML are not yet listed; however many of the companies listed here provide these functions.
Devices with GTL, GTLP or BTL are listed under the CMOS heading.
All other Integrated Circuit manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below. Electronic Equipment may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment IC below.

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