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TeleCommunications IC Manufacturers

SLIC; Subscriber Line Interface Circuit.


Semiconductor Modem ICs on a separate page.
Semiconductor CODEC ICs on a separate page.
Ethernet Semiconductor Integrated Circuits on a different page.

AKM Semiconductor {PCM Codec ICs, Single/Dual/Quad Channel, A-Law/u-Law, Cordless Phone}

Analog Devices {Codec - VoN - Telcom IC Manufacturer}

AudioCodes {VoIP Chips, Audio-Codes, Application Specific Signal Processors (ASSP's) for packet voice networks.}

Cermetek {Telephone Line Interface, DAA, DTMF, Line status monitor}

Cirrus Logic {Telcom - Short-Haul Single-Port Line Interface Units - Echo cancellers}

CML Microcircuits {Half Duplex Voiceband Scrambler, CVSD Codec, Modem}

Conexant Systems, Inc. {DSL Voice-over-Packet (VoP)/MPEG}

CP Clare Corp. "Clare Inc. {Telcom IC Manufacturer}

Ericsson {SLIC-CODEC Filter-DSIC-Line Protection}

Exar{Carrier Grade Ethernet Services ( 10/100/1000 ) and PDH (DS1/E1, DS3/E3)}

Holtek Semiconductor Inc. {DTMF/CPT/FSK Decoder-Pager Controller-Dialer}

Infineon Technologies {DAML-POTs/Line card CODEC's - Mobile Comm. - ISDN}

Intersil {Telecommunications - Wireless}

LSI Corporation {Telcom IC Manufacturer}

Lucent Technologies {Telcom ICs}

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Texas Instruments {POTS - Linecard Codecs}

Transwitch {Central office-Digital loop carrier (DLC) line cards-Voice over Packet(VoP)-Premises Networking}

TriQuint Semiconductor {Telcom ICs}

Winbond Electronics Corp. {DTAD - Telephone ICs}

Vendors that produce Telcom ICs are listed above.
ICs required to interface to the phone lines.
Use the links at the top of the page to navigate to listing that are more specific.

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Communication ICs or more specifically TeleCommunications ICs are integrated circuits designed to interface to the phone lines.

Telcom Definition of terms used;
A-Law: A companding algorithm used in digital communications systems.
CODEC: Coder-Decoder
DAA: Data Access Arrangement
DLC: Digital Loop Carrier
DTAD: Digital Telephone Answering Device
DTMF: Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency
PCM: Pulse Code Modulation PCM Definition
POTS: Plan Old Telephone Service
Telcom: Telecommunications, also Telecom
u-Law: A companding algorithm used in digital communications to reduce the dynamic range of an audio signal.
V.35: An out-dated interface, V.35 description
VoIP: Voice over IP
VoN: Voice over Network
VoP: Voice over Packet

{TeleCommunications IC Manufacturers Index}

This is a general listing of TeleCommunications IC Manufacturers. The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional component manufacturers may be found by clicking the Components icon at the bottom of the page.

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