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This is a general listing of Digital Specialized Logic IC Manufacturers.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

Automotive IC Manufacturers


Austria Mikro Systeme International AG "AMS"

freescale {Automotive ICs, Local Interconnect Network (LIN) ICs}

Micronas {Automotive ICs}

STMicroelectronics {Automotive IC Manufacturer}

A listing of Interface buses used in a Vehicle may be found on the Automotive bus page Or a description of LIN Bus [Local Interconnect Network].
The LIN bus page may also has a larger listing of OEM IC companies manufacturing LIN IC chips and devices.
In addition a description of CANbus with a larger listing of OEM IC companies manufacturing CAN bus.

{Specialized Logic Manufacturers Index}

DSP Functions

Advanced Hardware Architectures {Data Compression-Forward Error Correction ICs}

Atmel {Programmable FIR Filters - Multipliers ICs}

Fairchild Semiconductor, Corp. {Correlator ICs}

Intersil {Multipliers-Filters-Synthesizers-Correlator-Accumulator ICs}

LOGIC Devices {Pipe Line Registers - ALU - Multipliers - Barrel Shifter - Summers}

TI {Digital Filters - Multipliers}

DSP Processor ICs; DSP Processor manufacturers.

{Specialized Logic Manufacturers Index}

FIFO IC Manufacturers

Cypress {Synchronous-Low Voltage-Clocked-Asynchronous FIFO ICs}

Integrated Device Technology Inc. 'IDT' {Asynchronous FIFOs, Synchronous FIFOs, Bidirectional FIFOs, Multiplexing, Queuing FIFOs}

Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc. {x9-x18-x36-BiFIFO ICs}

Logic Devices {Synchronous FIFO ICs - Asynchronous FIFO ICs-x9}

NEC Corp. {Line Buffer 5k by 16bit, 10-word by 8 bits}

Sharp Microelectronics {Clocked Synchronous FIFO ICs-Synchronous Bidirectional FIFO ICs-Asynchronous x9 FIFO ICs}

Texas Instruments 'TI' {Synchronous FIFOs - Asynchronous FIFOs. Width 1,4,5,9,18,36 bits}

As with any product list, this covers ICs dedicated to FIFOs.
Other IC functions that may have an embedded FIFO are not listed.
For example a UART with an embedded FIFO would be listed under UARTs

Error Correction IC Manufacturers

Compression and Error Correction IC's

Advanced Hardware Architectures 'AHA'
{Reed-Solomon-FEC-ALDC/DCLZ/JBIG Compression}

LSI Corporation
{Reed Solomon (Forward Error Correction) Encoder/Decoder IC Manufacturer}

Note that in many cases the error correction function is embedded within a different IC that requires the feature.
ICs who's primary function is not error correction is not listed here

Error Correction Acronyms

ECC: Error Correction Code,
EDAC: Error Detection And Correction,
EFEC: Enhanced Forward Error Correction,
eTPC: enhanced Turbo Product Code,
FEC: Forward Error Correction,
LDPC: Low Density Parity Check Code,
RS: Reed-Solomon
TPC: Turbo Product Code

{Specialized Logic Manufacturers}

Imaging IC Manufacturers

AITech Microelectronics {Scan Converter ICs}

AuthenTec, Inc. {Integrated circuit fingerprint on semiconductor}

Capella Microsystems Inc. {CD / DVD Photodiode PDIC - PMIC}

Fairchild Semiconductor, Corp. {Imaging-Video Filter-Video Processor ICs}

LSI Corporation {Digital Camera ICs}


NEC Corp. {CCD Linear Sensor IC Manufacturer}

OmniVision {Video Decoder, NTSC / PAL / SECAM}

Sharp Microelectronics {CCD Module Manufacturer}

Silicon Image {Digital video / graphics interconnect devices}

Texas Instruments 'TI'

Zoran Corp.

Passive Components/Sensors/ for Optical Sensor manufacturers
Another listing on this site.

Imaging Terms:
CCD: Charge-Coupled Device
DVI: Digital Visual Interface
EDTV: Enhanced Definition Television
HDTV: High Definition Television
SDTV: Standard Definition Television
VGA: Video Graphics Array Refer to the Display Acronyms page for additional Acronyms.

Related pages; Monitor Bus descriptions, Video Bus descriptions, Apple Video Bus descriptions, DVI Bus description

Optical Sensor manufacturers are listed under Passive Components Sensors/
LCD driver IC's and LED driver IC manufacturers have been moved to the LCD/LED Driver IC's page.

A listing of Digital Specialized Logic IC Manufacturers. The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. The listing is sub-divided into Automotive IC manufacturers, DSP manufacturers, FIFO manufacturers, Imaging IC manufacturers, LCD/LED Driver IC manufacturers, and Compression and Error Correction IC manufacturers. Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

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